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The profession of a nurse is one of the most demanding among all other types of work settings. The nurse is responsible for providing quality patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory care sites. The first object of nurses is to provide a high quality of care for patients and, thus, a nurse should always ask himself/herself “what would be best for the patient?”

Nowadays, the work of a nurse is influenced by many factors, especially the rapid development of new technologies. The significant progress in biomedical science gave an opportunity to increase the preventive level of some diseases. According to this fact, hospitals and healthcare clinics require well-educated nurses who have experience of working with biometrical technique.

Another challenge is the globalization that led to the diversity of the population on a demographical level. First of all, it concerns the cultural and language aspects. Hence, besides the medical skills and high level of qualification, nurses should have at least basic knowledge about different cultures that prevail in their region. The knowledge of languages, which are widespread in a particular region, is also required.

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According to this fact, the nursing profession becomes a challengeable work, which requires using various skills in order to provide quality health care. The task of this work is to analyze the nursing profession from different points of view and to present the changes that are necessary to take today in order to make nurse performance more effective.

Articles Review

In order to shed light on the specifics of the nursing profession and the skills are necessary today to become a qualified healthcare worker, three different articles were used. The first article is titled “Hallmarks of the Professional Nursing Practice Environment”, which was taken from In this article, the author introduces the current state of the nursing profession and the changes that occurred during the last decades. The primary object of his work is to present the current environment for nurses’ practice and t