Business report writing belongs to one of the most effective means of communication in the modern world. Despite the fact that business reports are used for various purposes, many people view their main objective as assisting in making decisions. Regardless of the scope of business objectives, when you intend to write a business report, be sure that you are aware of what is a business report and how it can be used.

When you present information, it is important that you maintain a proper and clear business report structure. Proper organization can be provided with the help of headings and subheadings. Some of the major parts of the business report are as follows:

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  • Cover page – provides a clear title of the business report that is informative to the reader and entails the core message of what the business report will deal with. Moreover, it is essential to include the author’s full name and the publication date of the report.
  • Summary – provides a concise overview of the major points underlined in the report. You should pinpoint the main research methodology, major paper findings, as well as conclusions. Recommendations may be also provided if relevant.
  • Table of contents – when your business report is a long one, you should definitely provide a table of contents to ensure easy navigation throughout the document.
  • Introduction – provides a short summary of the report brief.
  • Methodology and findings – in this section, you will find detailed information on the methods of collecting data and analyzing it. Besides, you will focus on the major research findings.
  • Conclusion and recommendation – emphasize on what findings were derived and highlight the main recommendations as to what can be improved in the future (focusing on the company’s potential).
  • References – if you have consulted sources and cited them in your paper, be sure to compose a reference list, where you will enlist all of them.
  • Appendix – in the appendix, be sure to provide additional data that is not usually included in the body of the report. For example, you may add some interview transcripts, some statistics, and any other extra material.

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On the whole, the structure is mainly dependent on the nature of the business report assignment. Still, if you do not have any other requirements, feel free to use this template. In any case, if you encounter some difficulties with writing, structuring or formatting your business report, be sure that you can always rely on the professional support of

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