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Writing a questionnaire can be a rather touch and challenging process for the majority of students since they often lack practice in this type of assignment. One of the basic aspects behind questionnaire writing is that you need to gather all the needed information that will help you adhere to the given topic and compose clear and interesting questions. The very questionnaire writing assignment entails a set of questions that have to be answered in a clear way (especially when these are open-ended questions). A questionnaire is an effective qualitative method that is used in research paper writing since it allows to get answers to all questions that stand in the forefront of the given topic exploration. A thoroughly answered questionnaire will definitely help one to meet all objectives of a specific research paper. Besides, it is possible to collect information from the target study population. When you are working on a research project, keep in mind that writing a questionnaire will be a must if you want to collect proper data and objectively design the research that will prove to be valid.

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What You Have to Do before Writing a Questionnaire

When you start working on a questionnaire, remember that this process may be a bit time-consuming to you as you will need to conduct a lot of in-depth research. As soon as you get your topic and start exploring its essence, you can move on to the process of composing a survey. On this preparation stage, you have to decide what questions you want to use. As a rule, the choice of questions depends on the purposes of the whole research, the objectives you want to meet, and evidence you want to extract. When you want to use a questionnaire as a means of gathering responses from the study population, it is essential to make the questions comprehensible and easy to understand.

If you are going to perform a questionnaire for academic or other purposes for the first time in your life and you are wondering, How to write my questionnaire paper check out the following outline:


  1. Compose a brief and attention-grabbing title that conveys the main idea clearly and concisely. The title should attract the audience and make it interested in the questionnaire.
  2. Come up with an introductory paragraph, where you provide background information on the topic and on the significance of conducting the questionnaire.
  3. Formulate clear questions that are easy for the audience to comprehend. Remember that the validity of responses greatly depend on the clarity of questions you ask.
  4. Ensure clear questionnaire layout. The very design of the questionnaire page helps your readers to answer the questions correctly.
  5. Add visual aid to help your study population answer the questions. You may use some pictures, tables, and other images appropriate to the context in order to ensure proper understanding of the questions by the audience.

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