A person is unlikely to write a perfect dissertation if he/she writes it for the first time. It is a complex task, which requires a writer to pay attention to too many different aspects at the same time. As a result, some issues may be overlooked, especially in formatting, which is by mistake considered by many writers as a secondary issue. Our dissertation formatting service is what you need to improve the format of your dissertation without problems! We have vast experience in formatting and proud to work with the best editors.

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Dissertation Formatting Service

Unlike general perception that examination committee members pay their attention to the paper content first, we should stress that it is a format that is evaluated in the first place. It is like meeting a stranger: we see his/her appearance and only then start exploding what kind of person he/she is. The same thing is with the dissertation. When an examination committee member takes a dissertation, he/she notices the format of the paper and only then starts reading the paper itself. Improper formatting can make a negative first impression, which will be difficult to overcome even if the paper is good. For this reason, our professional writers and editors will do their best to meet the formatting standards of the required style (Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.).


Our specialists will pay attention to:

  • Margins;
  • Headings of different levels;
  • Usage of pictures, graphs, tables;
  • Spacing;
  • Footnotes and endnotes;
  • Citations;
  • References;
  • Appendices;
  • Page numbering, etc.

Professional Formatting Assistance

Our dissertation formatting services will help you improve your paper and make a good first impression. If you hire us as your formatting company, you may not worry about anything. Our professional editing specialists will do their best to provide the best formatting services ever. If you ask yourself, ‘What is improper formatting and how to do it properly?’ It means that you have doubts regarding the correctness of what you do. In such a case, you can ask someone you know to check it for you but there is no guarantee that it will be done properly. Dissertation formatting service is the best choice in such a situation. The deal is that we have been working with customers for a long time already and know everything about formatting. Nowadays, different institutional establishments require high-quality performance from their students. Different colleges, schools, and universities try to reach perfection and demand the same attitude from them. As a result, many students look for professional help to meet their expectations. This is particularly true for dissertations writing, as it is a responsible task that should be treated with utmost seriousness. Each paper, including dissertation, is not only about writing but also about a number of other activities, including formatting, research work, proofreading, etc. As a result, a student must possess a wide range of skills to get the work done properly. Without doubt, it can be extremely difficult and it is one of the main reasons why students ask for assistance with formatting dissertation. This task, which may seem easy from the first sight, can turn out in a real problem if you are not familiar with a specific formatting style. Our editors will gladly help you with that and provide work of high quality!