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You are done with writing and you would like just to set the paper aside and be sure that nothing else should be done. Still, looking at it for the last time, you suddenly realize that it still demands your attention. It does not make you happy, as this final part of work on any paper is the most boring and challenging. Your professor will definitely not approve poor formatting with this imperfect layout and insufficiently pleasing visual organization of the text. You see that ordering formatting services right now would be a great idea just to check whether the alignment of the text, size of the font, margins, spacing, indents, lists, and other minor details of formatting are consistent. You realize that the readers will be more comfortable with a flawless formatting as the organized content would make their understanding facilitated and they would be more focused on what you are saying than on how the text is organized on the page. At the most, you feel irrigated, as you have to spend more of your precious time on the paper that you have already considered final. No worries! We can deliver excellent professional formatting help and follow any requirements, from standards guidelines on a specific style to specific comments of a particular university professor. Your grade will get some extra points for flawless adherence to the requirements in terms of formatting, so why should you lose this chance?

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The best formatting assistance will be of great use for you right now, when you have worked on the content of your research paper, essay, report, review, thesis, or any other assignment and all you have to do now is to customize it to a certain style of formatting and polish its appearance and structure. We have organized a team of pedantic and meticulous editors and writers, whose scrupulous attitude to the written papers will bring you the benefits you are dreaming about in your studies. They offer a perfect solution for those students who would like top rated formatting service specialists to do proofreading, analyze their draft, revise the paper content, or just do perfect formatting of the whole paper. Let the tiresome parts of work on the academic assignments be handles by experts.

What does proper formatting imply? It refers to a perfect layout and form of the text in accordance to a particular style of citing, referencing, and formatting. You should follow the Harvard guidelines throughout the paper if your citations are required to be done in Harvard style. Quoting and in-text citation often brings troubles to the writers who are impatiently waiting to the moment when they can submit the paper and forget about the paper they have been working on for so long. Completing a list of references and working on the originality of the text require extra efforts. Formatting the essay right takes time and scares the students.


We can help you with the following main citation styles, and many other aspects of your texts:

  • Modern Language Association Style or MLA. Order the service of formatting from us online and get the proper MLA citations. In-text references will include the last name of the author and the page number where a quote is taken from. There is no separate first page formatted as a title page. The list of sources is named “Works Cited Page” and it is actually on the last page of the paper. It is a preferred style in the fields