As a student, you are to face the need of dealing with dozens of writing assignments each month, and this is what makes the years at college difficult. Managing your workload properly is almost impossible when all essays, research papers, reports, reviews, and other tasks are piling up. One of the assignments that are particularly dreaded by most students is writing a critique of a scientific article, as it involves much more work than one may have expected.

What is an Article Critique Assignment?

When given the task of writing a critique paper, you are expected to read a particular article and analyze it from various perspectives. Your main goal, in this case, is to define both the flaws and advantages of the research, showing what could be improved in it.

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Is It Similar to Summarizing?

Many students confuse the terms and instead of preparing the research articles critique, they simply summarize its main ideas and present an overview of the material. However, while a summary strives to retell the essential content of the article briefly, a critique tries to evaluate the author’s work and the significance of the research.

Article Critique

How to Write a Critique of an Article? Basic Steps

Before writing, do the following:

  • Find an article on the given topic in one of the valid sources, such as international scientific journals.
  • Browse the article to get a general understanding of the research.
  • Read again and take notes.

While reading for the second time, try to view the article critically. The following list of questions will help you to pay attention to the basic aspects:

  • What is the educational and scientific background of the article’s author? Is this person qualified in the topic of research?
  • Is the methodology suitable for this type of study? Did the author explain the use of these particular research methods?
  • Are the results applicable to the further studies in this sphere?
  • Does the author prove the main arguments with sufficient evidence?
  • Does the article take into consideration the existing research materials on the topic? Does it address the gaps in previous studies?
  • Are the research results valuable and usable for the other scientists?

Critiquing Papers: The Structure

Writing a critique for an article should be made in accordance with an outline prepared beforehand. Below is the plan of the elements to include in your paper.

  1. Introduction

    The opening paragraph of a good critique shall contain the following information:

    • The general information about the author and the article
    • The thesis statement expressed by the author
    • Your personal impression about the article
  2. Summary

    For the readers to be informed about the content of the article, you need to provide a short summary of it. Make sure to mention:

    • The key ideas of the article
    • The research questions and objectives
    • The findings and results of the research
  3. Critique

    To critique an article, you need to focus on the following elements:

    • The strong and weak points about the research
    • The objective analysis of the article’s flow, consecutiveness, logical order, overall comprehensiveness, and structure
  4. Conclusion

    All the critique papers should end with a conclusion, and this part should include the following information:

    • A brief summary of the article analysis you presented and your final verdict about the article’s relevance and value
    • Your personal comments about the article and its effectiveness

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Work on Your Writing

The students tend to pay a lot of attention to the content, but often overlook the significant aspects of the writing process. It is especially easy to lose track of the important details when you need to submit the paper before the burning deadline, which is always the reason for lowered grades.

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