If you have been frequently given an article review assignment, then you surely know hoe tedious, challenging, and overwhelming the task may be. On the whole, the complexity of writing depends on the subject area, the topic, and the overall academic complexity. The initial purpose and meaning of article review assignments are to provide a critical evaluation of a specific article (normally, it is a scholarly article). The core aspect of this writing type is to be objective and approach the review paper from some original perspective. Another requirement of writing a review is to provide a thorough evaluation and be critical in the article you need to review. When it comes to the purpose of the professor who gives you an article review homework, he/ she expects you to be constructive, logical, and consistent in your review.

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An in-depth and thorough analysis definitely takes much time, as it demands research and investigation of the topic. Moreover, with the intensity of studying and numerous academic assignments students get from the other subjects may cause tension and students’ inability to submit all the assignments on time. Another difficulty is the need to balance social life and studying or part-time work and college life. So, if you feel that you need professional assistance with some of your academic tasks, be sure that you can rely on our professional and trustworthy writing service and deliver impeccable papers of amazing quality according to the set deadline.

Article Review

What Is a Review Paper?

When you get an article review assignment, you are expected to provide a concise summary of a specific article and then critically evaluate how well the writer has discussed the topic. The core essence of writing an article review, however, is not to provide a summary but to provide a critical analysis and evaluation of different aspects of the article, such as the topic, theme, central idea, arguments, methodology, recommendations, implications for the future research, and others. These sections may vary depending on the topic and the subject area of writing. All in all, it is critical to gain an in-depth understanding of what the article is about and be able to identify the main ideas. When getting an article review homework, you need to make sure what type of review it is. Normally, students are assigned critical reviews and literature reviews. The former relates to a specific article or a book and its detailed evaluation whereas the latter may touch upon several articles but be more united by a topic.

How to Write an Article Review: Tips and Strategies for Successful Writing

If you are dealing with the article review assignment for the first time, you will definitely find the following tips handy. Check out some of the professional guidelines that will ease the process of writing:

  1. Make sure you read the assignment prompt carefully and attentively. Get to understand what information should be included in the review. Get to know the essence of what an article review is, how to organize it, and how to format it. To structure the article review properly, be sure to know what is the basis of your work.
  2. Identify the central idea of the article. You may need to read the assigned article more than once to comprehend the idea properly. Pay attention to the overall impression you have got after reading the article. Switch to brainstorming stage and write down all of the ideas you have spotted in the article. Think of what the author intended to tell in the article. Analyze whether he/ she managed it successfully or not.
  3. Draw a list of the most essential ideas. Pay attention to the ideas and jot them down as you are reading the article for the second time.
  4. Pay attention to the words, concepts or terms that may be unknown to you. Be sure to highlight them or underline and further look them up in the dictionary.
  5. Compose an outline. Even though many students undermine the importance of outline writing, it will definitely ease the writing process, as you will not have to stop and think about what idea to develop next. You will have the backbone of your paper and the plan will help you not to miss anything.
  6. Come up with some creative ideas for the title. Make sure that the title is brief, concise, logical, and that it perfectly reflects the main idea of the article. A great asset of a successful title is to be catchy and appealing.
  7. Come up with an effective and catchy introduction. Make sure you mention the main ideas of the article in one logical paragraph. It should be brief and clear to comprehend. Be sure to finish it with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement.
  8. Maintain an appropriate style of writing. Normally, it is either formal or semi-formal. Do not use first-person pronouns – prefer third-person pronouns.
  9. Pay attention to the formatting style of the given article review homework. Check whether you know the principles of formatting and citation. Pay attention to all of the differences and, if you have any difficulties, ask professional article review writers for help.
  10. Summarize the review and provide some logical conclusion. Be sure to provide your own evaluation whether the author has succeeded in narrating a specific idea or not.

If you have read through all the tips but still doubt whether you can cope with your article review task, be sure that you can rely on professional writing help and purchase a paper from expert writers.

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