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If you buy extended essay writing tasks from experienced essay experts, you will forget that you have been worrying about the form and content of every paper you get from the professors. You do remember the times when you had to do hours of reading to get beyond the syllabus of the standard classroom to work on a single piece of writing. You value the benefits of writing and you know that you can acquire the skills of effective research if you learn to adhere to the strictest standards of IB essay criteria. You do care about the writing skills you have and you want to show profound understanding of the topics you cover in your papers. Still, you just have no time now to handle the writing tasks.

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Our reputable extended essay writing service guarantees that the clients place their orders and then just wait to obtain the text that amazes with its fluency, depth of critical thinking, and perfect structure. The students know that it is rather complicated to follow all the specifications to an IB extended essay as the topics to cover are never easy. The final score needed to get the diploma depends on the grade for this essay as it gives thirty percent of the overall score. It is a great risk to put this task aside and then just write what comes to your mind. Qualified IB extended essay help makes perfect sense if the students feel that the result of their independent work can be far from perfect.


Structuring of an IB extended essay should be based on a number of points:

  • Topic selection. The essay should cover some global issue from the perspective of a local application. For instance, a global topic of climate change can be looked upon from the lens of a specific location. The same can be done with the topics related to terrorism, technological advancements, cultural development, and any other things relevant to all the people. A high quality IB extended essay writing service can make sure that the essay will be devoted to an impressive topic. If you want to choose it yourself, it is always reasonable to opt for something you are excited about. Your passion will help you find interest in writing that will take you about a year to complete.
  • Clear writing. Every essay should be polished and proofread. Your style of revealing the problem should be suitable for your audience and the chosen topic. Pay attention to vocabulary choice, grammar issues, and spelling to save you much time when you finalize the essay. We recommend you to write out all the headings to see the structure of the paper clearly and point out all the arguments to be used as well.
  • Logical thinking. The terms should be used in a correct way and the smooth flow of ideas should not be interrupted.
  • Buy extended essay best examples written for you to see how a successful IB essay should look like. Search for some impressive students’ papers as well just to see the final essays which were graded with the points of excellence.
  • It is much better to be simple than to sound sophisticated. Complex grammar structures and vocabulary that makes an average reader perplexed should be avoided. A temptation to produce an endless piece of writing will also lead you nowhere. Get to know the requirements concerning the word count and follow them! That is the secret of success.

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