Before one starts writing the paper, they should have a clear plan of action. In academic writing, this plan is called an outline. Writing an academic paper requires a combination of logic and creativity. Being creative, you will be able to evoke interest in your readers. However, your ideas should be organized in the logical order to make the reader follow them. If you find it difficult to keep your ideas organized, contact us with the words, “Write my essay outline” and we will provide you with the perfect example of an academic outline. It will help you develop your essay step-by-step keeping the focus.

An outline is a critical instrument of any writer that helps economize the time spent on the witting process. Serving as a guideline, it should include all the ideas that will be discussed in the essay. However, writing an outline may also take some time, especially if you are not an experienced writer. Let us provide you with the basic essentials on how to make an essay outline.

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What Is an Essay Outline?

An outline is a simple plan that is used for a better organization of an academic paper. By writing an outline, the writer finds it easier to get rid of irrelevant information and organize all the ideas properly. A well-written outline always guides the writer about what should be written in each section of the paper.


How to Create an Outline?

An outline is usually written after the brainstorming process when the writer has some notes that help them understand what should be written in the paper. When working on your outline, you should take care of the essay outline structure. As such, it should cover the ideas that will be expressed in the introduction, in the main body paragraphs, and in the conclusion. Actually, any written work should contain the sections mentioned above. So, let us discuss them in detail.


An introduction is usually the first paragraph of your paper that should introduce the topic to the reader, provide some context or background information, as well as some “hook” that will engage the reader. When it comes to writing an essay, the introduction should not be too long. One or two paragraphs of meaningful information are sufficient. Pay attention that the introduction should also have a thesis statement that will express the main idea of the essay.

Main Body

The main body of the academic essay is the part that requires the greatest attention since it is the part where the actual discussion takes place. When including this part in your outline, make sure to divide it into several paragraphs and mention what will be written in each of them.

The paragraphs in the main body can have a different structure:

  1. Thesis argumentation structure. When choosing this structure, the writer has to state a clear topic sentence and then prove it;
  2. Reverse structure. When choosing this structure, the writer provides accurate facts and then draws a conclusion based on these facts;
  3. Thesis and argument structure. Such a structure is widely used in academic writing since it requires stating a thesis and supporting it with a few relevant facts.


A conclusion, as a rule, briefly summarizes the text written in the main body. When writing a conclusion, you need to focus on restating your thesis statement and key arguments discussed in the paper. Pay attention that your conclusion should not appear “out of nowhere” as it is a logical summary of your work. Make sure not to include new ideas in your conclusion.

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