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Response Essay Structure: The Essentials

As well as any other academic assignment, a response essay has a clear purpose. It aims to provide a critical response to the assigned material in a formal way. Apart from knowing your topic well, you need to possess excellent analytical skills to be able to present an objective analysis of your topic. We assure you that only by providing the relevant facts and data to support your arguments, you will be able to impress your instructor and, thus, reach the expected outcome.

Basically, the response essay structure depends on the material you are going to analyze, as well as the professor`s guideline. Before you start working on your reaction paper, we recommend you to look through the efficient samples available on the web. Enhancing your own writing and analytical skills, you will understand how such an essay should be structured and formatted.

Response paper

One more important aspect that should be mentioned is formatting. Usually, the formatting style of your response paper is mentioned in your guideline. However, if it is not, we recommend you to ask your professor for assistance. If the professor allows you to select the formatting style on your own, make sure to choose the one you are familiar with. However, make sure to check on the recent updates of this style and follow them thoroughly.

The other requirements are similar to an ordinary essay. As such, your reaction paper is a combination of three major parts: an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.


In the introductory paragraph, you need to present background information on your topic. For instance, when you are writing an article response, you need to present the title of the article, its author, the date of publication, and relevant facts that should be familiar to your reader to understand the context. Also, in your introduction, you need to suggest your personal opinion about it. Typically, it is done in the form of a one-two sentence long thesis statement. Your introduction should be short, concise, and engaging. Keep in mind that a reaction paper is a creative assignment, so you need to use the techniques that will allow you to grab the reader`s attention. If you have no idea of how to write a response paper, look into the available samples and boost your writing inspiration.

Body Paragraphs

In the body of your paper, present your reaction itself. Suggest solid arguments supporting them with accurate evidence from the text. Make sure to dedicate one paragraph to one important aspect of your article. Moving from one argument to another, do not forget to use smooth transitions.


In the concluding paragraph of your reaction paper, restate your thesis statement and give your overall opinion about the piece. Basically, this paragraph is a reminder of your impression about the article, book, or movie. Make sure not to discuss new information in your conclusion.

Practical tip: to create a well-structured reaction paper, you need to create the outline that will serve as the guideline for your paper helping you stay focused.

Once you are done with the final draft of your essay, proofread it. Undoubtedly, to bring you the highest grade, your paper should be flawless and free from plagiarism.

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