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What Sources Say about the Pediatric Population

Among the population that can be employed in assessing a community one can name pediatric aggregate. This population is easily found in diverse places such as centers, volunteer organization, and nursing homes among other locations. The pediatric group is mainly composed of children and adolescents as well as infants with a particular age limit of 18 years and below. Therefore, it is significant to carry out a community assessment to identify some of the challenges this group is likely to face as well as offer solution where possible. Several methods and resources should be employed for data gathering as well as data generation that assist in discovering community needs. After the correction of information, it is crucial to analyze the data to identify trends as well as themes of the pediatric population. This paper will focus on community assessment methods and resources that will attempt to uncover the differences between what published sources say about the pediatric population and actual research that has been carried out in a known community surrounding to identify the challenges and solution faced by the said community.

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Pediatric aggregate refers to an individual population that can be employed in evaluating a community. This population can reside in diverse places such as in nursing home, volunteer organizations, and citizens centers as well as community activity centers. In essence, pediatric population refers to a population composed of children, infants, and adoles