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How to Write Short Answer Questions? Effective Tips

When writing essay questions and answers, you need to focus on a few important moments. Make sure you understand every point of your prompt precisely. It is highly recommendable to read the question at least twice before answering it. Such an approach will help you avoid further misunderstandings with your teacher. When working on the questions to answer in a research paper, make sure to follow the universal template:

Answer Questions


Make sure to restate the question. First, it will help your professor economize time on its checking. Second, it will help you double check the correctness of your answer.


– If the question contains several parts, make sure to answer all of them. If your question is answered just partially, most probably, your professor will give you a zero;

– If the question is divided into the bullet points, you need to divide your answer into several paragraphs and each of them should answer one bullet point;

– If the bullet points are broken into the smaller parts, you need to answer each of them respectively.

Support Your Answers

  • By supporting your answers with the relevant examples and credible sources, you will demonstrate your awareness about the topic and prove that your answers are not just made up;
  • When working with the sources, make sure to paraphrase, summarize, or directly cite your sources in accordance with the reference style used.
  • Do not forget to use proper transitions because it will make your short answer essay easy-to-follow.


This final step entails your conclusion. Finalizing your paper properly, you will be able to improve your score. Conclude your answer with a discussion on your takeaways and implications. Also, you can emphasize how your findings relate to your own experiences. Remember that in order to get a good grade, you need to make your answer as creative and detailed as possible.

Additional Secrets for Writing a Good Answer to the Question

– Make sure you understand the question properly.

Do not underestimate the value of proper understanding of the question since it directly influences your answer. If you are not attentive enough to your question, you will not be able to present what your professor is looking for. This often happens when the student fails to dedicate enough time on reading and understanding the question. To put it simply, reading through the question deliberately significantly increases your chances to get a good grade.

– Your language should be emotional and persuasive.

If you want to appeal to your reader, especially if he or she defines the grade for your test, you need to make powerful statements and keep your answers factual avoiding adding irrelevant information.

– Be mindful about the arguments you use.

Trying to answer your question, you might want to include as much information as possible, but we assure you that such an approach will not help you reach the desired result. Instead, try to focus on two-three the most meaningful arguments and this strategy will help you make your answer clear and concise.

Get Professional Help with the Questions-Answers Assignment

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