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Writing an interview paper can be one of the most complicated assignments for students among the other essay types. First of all, it is a kind of an essay that students do not write on a daily basis since they do not have sufficient practice with it within their course curriculum. Second, this essay type requires time-management and thorough preparation skills. If you feel not confident about interview essay writing, do not hesitate and order an interview essay from our company’s experts.

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The ultimate aim of this essay type is to provide a comprehensive overview of the conducted interview. The most important aspect about this essay type is that it should be logical and consistent. All interview details should be provided in the same order as they appeared in the speech with the interviewee. Regardless of the major or subject area, students can be assigned interview essay writing assignments. They may be asked to interview some prominent person in the given field and then compose an essay based on the interview. Some of the main areas that require interview essay writing are the following: Interview Essay

  • Medicine and Health Care.
  • Business and Management.
  • Law.

Where to Start with Writing Your Interview Essay?

If you want to submit a successful interview essay, first and foremost, you need to come up with an appealing topic. The very conversation with the interviewee should be engaging for both of you. When a professor assigns an interview essay writing task, sometimes he/ she given a topic to write on, but in the majority of cases students have to pick topics on their own. If this choice is too hard and tricky for students, the most prudent decision is to order an interview essay from professionals. You will just have to provide all interview details and your assigned writer will take care of the rest.

If you want to deal with your interview paper assignment on your own, you should consider that there are many details to pay attention to. Specifically, you need to formulate a topic in such a way that it grabs attention of your interviewee. More so, you need to gather information you would like to use (some evidence, statistics, examples, etc.) and also think of the format and paper organization.

How to write the best interview essays? Start exploring the most important facts about the writing and formatting styles. You need to reflect the topic in the best way to demonstrate your target readers what perspective was presented concerning the core subject issue. All responses of the interviewee should be thoroughly analyzed within the essay. Where needed, you need to add some background context.

How to write my interview essay? If you master interview essay writing, you will excel as a journalist. You will know what information to include in an article if you want to present an interviewee from the best perspective. To ensure excellent results, you need to start the interview essay with an outline, where you will provide the main points, examples, and draw a conclusion.

Interview Essay Structure

  1. Introduction and thesis statement. In the opening paragraph, provide background information on the topic, briefly mention about its significance, and why you have chosen a particular person to interview. Try to grab attention of the target audience by pinpointing to some significant fact (it may refer to the topic as a whole or to the interviewee). Formulate a thesis statement that is strong and argumentative.
  2. Body paragraphs. This is the main part, where you need to address all the main points in detail. The paragraphs should be logically developed, so make sure to use smooth transitions.
  3. Conclusion. This is the last paragraph, where you should not introduce any new information but analyze the most important findings and points of discussion. Besides, it is essential to provide some feedback on the interview and the main aspects that were covered.

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