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Nursing process refers to the system of assessment, evaluation, and planning which goals are to deliver personalized patient care irrespective of whether it is done to a single person, family, or an entire community. It aims at identifying existing gaps in the provision of health services for clients in order to overcome health issues. When the information has been collected and evaluated, a decision is then arrived depending on the need of a given situation. The nursing process is composed of five steps, namely assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing, and evaluating. This report looks into the meaning and the usage of the nursing process towards formulating effective nursing conclusions, development of care plans by using different processes for a specific situation and offers a preparation strategy for creating an important teaching plan in preventing recurrence of similar situations.

Part 1: The Meaning and the Use of the Nursing Process


This is the first phase in the nursing procedure which involves “collection of data, verification, organization as well as interpretation and documentation of the collected data”. The accuracy and completeness of the information taken during this process are directly connected with the correctness of the following steps.

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Data is obtained from different sources; however, the client should be considered as the basic source of it. Other information providers like family members and friends are considered as secondary sources. Assessment stage offers significant information that forms the client