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International Students should Study Abroad Early

Studying abroad is a magnificent way to learn how to adapt to changes. With the booming economy in China, an increasing number of Chinese students begin to consider studying overseas. Their parents hope that their children will become bilingual or multi-lingual, and will have an advantage for their future career. For Chinese students, desire to learn English, the most popular language in the world, going abroad is the best method of learning it. For this reason, English speaking countries such as Australia, USA, and United Kingdom are extremely popular countries for Chinese students who wish to go abroad. Each year, around 194,000 Chinese international students study in America, which is the biggest number of international students in the world (Institute of International Education). However, the issue of choosing the best age to study abroad is a double-edged sword, which can bring both positive and negative effects.

Parents of Chinese children easily send their children abroad, because they think that it is a good opportunity for their child to learn a foreign language and culture, and see the world (DuFon and Churchill 67). Popular age to send children abroad in China is 13 years. The child is already grown enough to take care of himself. It is really easy for a child to learn English language in the English speaking country. Besides the opportunity to learn new words every day, the child also has the opportunity to practice what he had just learned.

It is not a problem for Chinese parents to send their child abroad, even if the education abroad is expensive because Chinese parents understand that proper education is extremely valuable in the modern life, so they do not try to save the money on education of their children. The process of studying abroad should start as early as possible, because in the early age it is easier for a child to adopt to the new conditions of life and find new friends.

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Students who study in China should go through numerous exams during an academic year, so the parents who want their children to study without the additional pressure often decide to send their children to study abroad. China is the country that sends the highest number of students to study abroad each year.

The education in the USA and other countries is so popular among Chinese people, because now is the era of technological revolution. People are surrounded with different devices that carry information, so it is easier to find out everything the person needs to know about the education system in the certain country, than it was few years ago. TOEFL exam gets extremely popular among people, who need the certificate to prove their fluency of English language. More and more students come to the USA already having the fluent level of English. Thus, children are able to save the time, and skip the English language course, and start the learning process right after arriving to the country, where English language is native.

Not only people who want to study in the University have the desire to study abroad (Cressey 98). The number of children who aim to study in high schools and receive primary education also want to study abroad. The age of the students who are sent to study abroad rapidly declines. This results in additional benefits for the tutors who prepare the child for the study in the foreign country.

While studying abroad, students have the opportunity to improve their creativity, and inherit new ideas, which are not common for their country, and they are able to keep their individuality, culture, and traditions at the same time (Byram and Feng 123). However, it is hard for a student to study abroad, because the environment of the country and the traditions of people who live there are different from the ones he/ she had in homeland. At the beginning, it is really hard to adjust to the new environment, however, it is much easier to do so for the children who are younger. For adults, who change their living place, it is really hard to adjust to such changes.

The number of students who desire to study overseas started growing rapidly, especially since 2010. During this year, the number of applicants to the primary and high schools started rising. Expanding amount of international students is extremely beneficial for the economy of the United States and for the educational system of the country. It is so, because in 2008, educational system of the United States went through a massive crisis. Because of this crisis, the schools and universities of the United stated had serious problems with the funding. Thus, the only option to increase the funding was to encourage international students to come and study in the United States, and pay money for the education. The special system of recruitment has been developed by the United States to attract more students from foreign countries (Deardoff 45). For example, there are approximately 300 schools, who are working on recruitment of students from China to come study in the United States. In 2012, the average age of a student from China, who studies in the USA was 17 years. Now, in 2014, this age has declined to 14 years. Nowadays, there are 10.5% of Chinese students, who study in the US, and who are 10 years old, or even younger. In 2011, there was only 1.9% of Chinese students aged under 10 years old.