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The process of developing technologies began from the information age, fundamentally changing not only the life of a person, but also its essence. In the world of the latest technologies, with constant support of relations both at the local and international level, one of the main opportunities is the availability of information materials in the shortest possible time. The Internet is confidently gaining the right to be a universally recognized medium of mass communication and has a gradually increasing influence on the formation of the worldview of society. Curran, Fenton & Freedman (2012) wrote, В“Leading experts, politicians, public officials, business leaders and journalists predicted that the Internet would transform the worldВ” (p. 1). The society, as a living organism, forms new stereotypes of social consciousness. Thus, the Internet has acquired the role not only of a global information repository, but it has also become a means of mass communication.

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The modern society uses information technologies in many spheres. It makes the development of the modern world different. Information technologies cover all areas of human activity. Behnke (2010) stated, В“The impacts and possibilities of social media and social networking are some of the most vigorously talked about topicsВ” (p. 7). The creation of the powerful information resources and developed information networks make the scientific contribution to social and spiritual innovations, as well as the mechanisms of social, cultural and political changes. Working with information and mastering the skills of applying modern technological systems become a priority in all spheres of functioning of the state and society. This applies not only to the natural and technical sciences, but also to the social and human ones, which develop a cognitive basis for the adoption of the state decisions and the development of a political strategy. Since the rapid spread of Internet technology, the number of Internet users has grown from several million to several billion. The Internet being a political tool is increasingly used not only as an information platform, but also as a means of various mass actions. Due to the development of the Internet, the society has access to a vast array of information to express its opinion and take collective actions. The political struggle of social movements, transferred to the network space, turns the Internet into a new horizontally organized space of power. The prospect of further development of the institutions of the civil society lies outside the institutions formed in the industrial era, but covers the possibility of building a dialogue with the new network autonomous social actors. This paper will discuss how the advent of social media has transformed politics of the US State Department for better taking into account the sense of this process for politicians and the society.

Influence of the Internet on the Politics

Digital means of communication includes the Internet, mobile communications, data storage, and transmission systems. Saabye (n.d.) stated, В“This new digital culture challenges power relations, authorities, the relations between users and institutions, and the separation of the private and public spheresВ”. The obvious cultural significance of digital communication cannot be ignored today. The spread