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Every day people face different skills – knowledge and activities, which, as a result of repetition, become automatic. Each person has his own set of individual skills and abilities, which he develops throughout life. The five basic skills that are necessary for the profession of HR manager were considered. It should be noted, that it is difficult to identify the one which is the most important of these skills. Therefore, they should be used by their interaction and complementarity.


The formation of a good team is the basis of an effective teamwork organization. But not all the people who work together could call themselves a team. The team is a group of people with complementary skills; they are united by a common goal and for accomplishment of certain tasks. In a team, everyone has a role. Teamwork involves cooperation and finding a common language with others.

As a rule, I try to be a team leader – a person who organizes a work of a team, distributes roles, develops a strategic vision and coordinates team’s efforts to achieve the target. It is essential to find an individual approach to each participant, listen to him carefully, to know and assess each team member, be a friend and authority for him. It is worth noting that being a leader, I should have a clear determination and a strong character. My shortcomings as a leader are the following: I tend to be under the influence of other people, Im rather reflective, rude; sometimes I find it difficult to make a definite decision. I think that being a leader is the most responsible and difficult role in the team, which requires certain skills.

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I think of teamwork with excitement. With a good, close-knit team it’s easier to achieve the set goals. A team is a separate mechanism, where each of its participants is a part of this mechanism. In addition, working in a team is not only more effective, but also easier and even more interesting than working alone. Teamwork gives people determination and the ability to cooperate. A person becomes more open, tolerant and loyal to his colleagues. Teamwork even forms respect for others’ opinions and give the ability to competently conduct dialogues, which in general has a huge positive impact on the whole team and its work. You can always count on help and support of a team.

However, working in a team I have also encountered some problems. Firstly, this is a lack of time, especially at the initial stage of the team formation. The fact is that the team members must establish contact with each other, and this can take a lot of time. Also, for me as a leader, it took a long time to find a detached approach to each participant and to distribute their functions. Secondly, it is sometimes difficult to make a joint decision in a team. Although I am the leader, the opinion of each participant is important, therefore sometimes it is difficult to listen to all the opinions and to come to one common.

Some teams may be more successful than others. In my experience, there was a problem with the distribution of roles and the clear implementation of the tasks which were assigned in our team. Very often, I did not like that some of the participants were not actively involved in the work or poorly performed it. In this case it is important to establish contact with these team members and find out what went wrong with them. That is, the success of a team depends on its every participant, so it is so important to establish a partnership in the team, find a place for each of its members and help each other as well.

Studying Skills

Studying skills are the main aspects for achieving success not only in education and in further work, but in life as well. Skills are different tools and approaches through which we can accomplish the tasks set before us. Critical thinking, time management, concentration, listening and note taking, reading, writing, distributed learning, exam strategies and others – these all are the studying skills.

The most challenging aspect of my study is time-management (time-scheduling). Time management is the ability to effectively manage and control personal time. This is the ability to choose the main thing among the secondary ones. When I do not have time to do something, I start to get nervous, fussed and even irritated. But, over time, I learned to cope with it by doing the following: I started a diary and wrote down the schedules of my lectures, examinations and assignments. Also, I tried to prioritize tasks and planed everything for a week ahead. I learned to separate my homework and assignments from personal life and found what was bothering me. Over time, I even excelled in my studies, as well as in sports and personal life. Therefore, it is so important to study time-management for the competent allocation of time and further effective work as an HR manager.

I excel in concentration skill. Concentration is the ability to abstract from everything by focusing on a specific goal or subject. This skill is also important in learning and its effectiveness. Its of great use for the learner so that external factors and thoughts do not interfere with you. I learned this in the following way: I thought only of a specific object, practiced breathing exercises, practiced sports to improve this skill, tried to put my thoughts in order and did not look at trifles, distinguished the characteristic features of the subject, imagined that I was alone in the class, and there was nobody around me. That is, excelling in this skill I learned how to listen to myself and my thoughts, and also learned how to abstract from the surrounding problems and thoughts.

I wish to develop my listening and note taking skills. To develop these skills I need to do the following: draw the key information on the paper: feelings and thoughts, imagine figuratively the information spoken, highlight key words, pay attention to the subtext and listen the main idea, find out what exactly the author wanted to tell and why, highlight the key moments with a colored pen. An interesting note-taking method is to draw a line about one third down the length of a paper, on the left side of the page write only key terms or ideas, and on the right side of the page, take notes on the lecture in point form (Trent University Staff, 2015).

I can also utilize listening skills within a practical work situation. For example, if you are an HR manager, you need to communicate with the staff closely and encourage them to work. Every day you will communicate with people, and in order to establish contact with everyone and make part of the team, it is essential to be a good listener. It is important to listen to the problems of a person, to determine his/her inclinations, desires and attitude towards the team as well.


Each of us constantly has to take, complete or control some decisions. The decision-making skill is one of the key components of a manager. It is not always easy to make a decision. It is difficult to choose the right decision when positive results might outweigh possible losses. Nevertheless, making a decision and dealing with its consequences is the only way to keep control over success in life.

I’m not good enough in decision-making skills. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to choose from several options, I start to ask an advice from friends and relatives, trying to weigh everything and think it over. Almost every day I face with decision-making. One of the most important decisions in my life was the choice of my specialty and the university in which to study. This decision was difficult to make because I understood that I was responsible for its result, and that my will work will be connected with the chosen specialty. In order to make a decision, it is important to be psychologically ready to accept it. Being calm, healthy and focused on the issue that needs to be addressed will help to choose the best variant. I realized that in order to make the right decision, I must understand its formation first. Some solutions should be