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Communication and the mode of conveying information from one individual to another and between organizations are paramount to the day to day lives of everybody. The advancement in technology has enhanced the rate at which information is disseminated and its quality. Many telecommunication organizations have emerged in different parts of the world. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, well known by the brand name du, is among the organizations that are found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company provides communication services in the United Arab Emirates. In 2007, the company was branded officially to du. In fact, 39.5% of the enterprise is owned by the Emirates investment authority, 21.25% by public shareholders, 19.5% by ECT and the remaining 19.75% by the development company of Mubadala. In the same year, the organization launched the provision of mobile telecommunication services across the UAE. After 12 months, the company had 1.88 million mobile subscribers, and the revenue had increased to $1.08 billion. By the end of March 2011, the companys mobile subscribers had increased to 4.5 million.

Diversity in Du

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Du provides fixed telephony, IPTV, mobile, and broadband connectivity services to businesses, homes as well as individuals. The company also provides TV broadcasters with satellite services as well as carrier services for various businesses. Du focusses on vast and small corporations as well as different government agencies. The company is also involved in commercial service and international data networks to the transnational