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Communication and the mode of conveying information from one individual to another and between organizations are paramount to the day to day lives of everybody. The advancement in technology has enhanced the rate at which information is disseminated and its quality. Many telecommunication organizations have emerged in different parts of the world. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, well known by the brand name du, is among the organizations that are found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company provides communication services in the United Arab Emirates. In 2007, the company was branded officially to du. In fact, 39.5% of the enterprise is owned by the Emirates investment authority, 21.25% by public shareholders, 19.5% by ECT and the remaining 19.75% by the development company of Mubadala. In the same year, the organization launched the provision of mobile telecommunication services across the UAE. After 12 months, the company had 1.88 million mobile subscribers, and the revenue had increased to $1.08 billion. By the end of March 2011, the companys mobile subscribers had increased to 4.5 million.

Diversity in Du

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Du provides fixed telephony, IPTV, mobile, and broadband connectivity services to businesses, homes as well as individuals. The company also provides TV broadcasters with satellite services as well as carrier services for various businesses. Du focusses on vast and small corporations as well as different government agencies. The company is also involved in commercial service and international data networks to the transnational operators. The call tariffs of mobile services of the company are almost similar to those of competing company, Etisalat, minimizing the possibility of competition escalation between the two mobile service providers. Du mobile service subscribers are identifiable by dialing 055 and 052. The company has more than 56 stores and more than 3,000 dealers of its products and services across the UAE. du has 4G LTE network that it started using to offer VoLTE in February 2015.

As an organization that is growing rapidly, du has almost 2,000 employees who work to expand and enhance the companys bouquet of offering services. The company embraces cultural diversity, because the staff work from different countries to facilitate serving customers using different languages. The total number of employees of the company comprise of 31% Emiratis, whereas senior executives of du who are UAE nationals comprises 42%. Du has a scheme of Emiratisation, Masar, and career fairs participation all over the UAE to draw the attention of young citizens in the region. In 2012, the company doubled the number of staff from Emirates in the national call center to 120, who were comprised of 90% females. Additionally, in the same year, the number of Emiratis who graduated successfully from Masar trainee program were 146.

Organizational Structure

The company is gearing up for the next phase of growth. In 2013, the company announced its revised structure of the organization (du Geared up for Next Growth Phase, 2013). The CEO of the company, Osman Sultan, is aided by five other chief managers to control operations of the company. The principal workers encompass Farid Faraidooni, who is a chief operation officer, Fahad Al Hassawi as a chief commercial manager, Ananda Bose, heading the corporate affairs, and Ibrahim Hassan Abdulla Nassir as a heading director of human capital as well as Amer Kazim as a chief financial officer.

Other substantial changes within the organization led to Walid Kamal appointed as Senior President. Saleem Albalooshi was selected as Executive Vice President, Consumer Operations, as well as Acting Deputy President, in Network Expansion and Processes. Hatem Bamatraf was appointed as Executive Vice President and Enterprise Vice, Information Technology as well as Marwan Bin Dalmook was chosen as Deputy President, Fraud Management, Risk, and Technology Security.

Organizational Culture

The company has the culture of committing to its staff. The management believes in helping its workers to reach their full potential. The company has development programs nationally, which facilitate focusing on hiring workers, developing them and retaining the best talent in the country, while incorporating the objective Emiratisation where UAE nationals are given opportunities. The companys management acknowledges that career development enhances the engagement of the employees and job satisfaction.

In every 18 months, the company seeks the services of Gallup International to carry out a survey on the workers engagement and their level of satisfaction. Additionally, the company offers training programs to the employees to ensure that the curve of their personal learning is always moving up. The programs are not limited to competencies related to the job, but they are aimed at building capabilities that enhance the employees leadership and soft interpersonal potential. Further, the company has leadership series such as great manager awards designed to recognize the efforts of its employees. Lastly, the organization acknowledges that the wellbeing of the staff is paramount to its overall growth and development. The company ensures that employees are taken care of by all possible means including their health, boosting of employee morale, etc.

Type of Leadership in the Organization

Du telecommunication adopts a participative type of leadership. The organization values team members inputs and even that of subordinates. However, the participative managers offer the final decisions. This kind of leadership boosts the morale of the workers, because they feel that their opinion matters a lot to the development of the organization. In this case, it is easier for the workers to embrace changes initiated in the company since they play an important role in the process.

Nature of Power and Politics in the du Company

The organization adopts the power of reward in running its business. The management motivates its employees at all levels by offering an incre