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Sales Strategy

Sales would commence through the qualification of leads that would have generated by the Perfect Cleaning Services’ marketing campaign. The interest created through the distribution of brochures would help in generating interest in the company. People would call to inquire about the services that the company offers. The company would furnish potential customers with information on the charges over the phone. The company plans to charge its customers a fixed charge of $35 per hour. As such, the time that employees spend cleaning the customer’s room would be the major factor to determine the price. The company wants to explain to its customers the reason why it charges a fixed price.

The company would also explain the training systems that its employees go through. This would leave the prospective customers with the impression that the company is different from other companies in the industry despite its small size. As such, the company will do all possible to ensure that its customers are satisfied with their cleaning service. This would enable it to gain more customers who may be dissatisfied with the cleaning services of large cleaning companies.

Calculate the price

Calculate the price


Sales Forecast

The first month activities would involve setting up the company. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that so much business would be transacted. The company would have to deal with various legal and accounting issues and, at the same time, purchase office equipment. After undertaking these activities, the company would develop an employee manual. It is vital for the company to ensure that all these activities are undertaken properly.

In the second month, the company would start experiencing some activity. The company would begin prospecting new clients. Jobs, in the first week, would be undertaken by the administrator and two employees. After gaining more contracts, the company would hire two more employees. Therefore, the company would have two employee teams. By the end of the fourth month, the company expects to have one more team. Having three teams of employees would be enough until the seventh month when the company expects to organize the fourth team. After experiencing success in cleaning students’ dorms, the company would start cleaning dorms of other colleges that are near our university during the sixth month. This is the major factor that would necessitate the company to hire a new employee team in the seventh month.

The sales forecast of the company is based on the assumption that demand for the company’s services would increase at a steady pace. The assumption that a significant proportion of new clients after the second month would be from referrals through word of mouth is also taken into consideration. The company also assumes that it would gain new customers while retaining existing customers. The forecast for the company is conservative. It is highly likely that the company would take off as it may provide superior services compared to its competitors. However, it would not be good to have an aggressive sales forecast.

Sales forecast  
Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Student Dorms $150,000 $155,000 $160,000
Dorms of other universities $120,000 $130,000 $145,000
The subtotal direct cost of sales $270,000 $285,000 $32105,000

Distribution Plan

The company primarily will be engaged in cleaning carpets and hard surface floors, window cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning. The company would mainly focus on the provision of interior cleaning services. To improve customer convenience, the cleaning services would be available any day of the week. Customers may request to be provided with the service according to their specific needs. Provision of the services would help customers save time and energy undertaking the ser