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The Role of Emotions and Trust in Service Recovery in Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce

The article under consideration studies a crucial issue in e-business called customer satisfaction. Having applied to consumer emotions and trust, the research has focused on the reasons for client satisfaction. Overall, the major conclusion done by Chaparro-Peláez et al. (2015) is related to the fact that satisfaction from the transactions and other actions related to e-business depends on customers’ emotions after the service is completed. Having some guarantees, people are sure to use them in case the service received or a product bought does not meet expectations.

Engaging in e-business, people want to be satisfied, and personal emotions and the level of trust to some particular company contribute to the satisfaction from e-business. Using some services of a particular company, individuals refer to e-business in general when they remain either satisfied or dissatisfied with the services. Positive emotions and loyalty play a critical role in this respect. Personal satisfaction from e-business services encourages people to use the Internet for e-business with other companies. Increased positive emotions influence customer loyalty and trust. Thus, individuals are eager to share their emotions and spread the popularity of e-business in the modern world.

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The research helps in understanding the points of human mistrust and the areas of further work. E-business sphere is going to spread in the future and it is important to develop the necessary services appropriately. Having used the conclusions drawn in this study, further research is possible with the focus on the particular industry. The information related to emotions and satisfaction is a critical issue in the development of modern e-business. Summarizing the information in the article, it is necessary to state that customer loyalty and trust influence human emotions and desire to use e-business services in the future.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Buyers and Sellers on Search Advertising Revenues in Business-to-Business Electronic Platforms

The study was written by Fang, Xiaoling, Minxue, and Palmatier (2015) has referred to the analysis of buying and selling techniques on one of the online business-to-business electronic platforms. Furthermore, it has revealed the effects of advertising on revenue. Having used the online business-to-business electronic platform as an example of buying and selling relations, Fang et al. (2015) have contributed greatly to the current understanding of how such platforms work, in general. The study conducted has allowed concluding that the more participants are involved, the more revenue is received. Advertising positively affects this specific action. The use of keywords in searching for advertising promotes competition which increases the revenue rates. Price and rate are important for the clients and, in some cases, advertising does not appeal to people since the price is not attractive. However, having the intention to attract more and more new customers, the company has risks to lose the existing ones. Therefore, the balance should be achieved.

This article has appeared to be crucial in the modern world of e-business, which has become a part of daily life. Numerous people buy and sell products online and different online platforms have become the competitors. Trying to attract more customers, companies need to know the strategies they should use. The article has analyzed the advertising strategies and their effect on customers and sellers.

The results of this study should be used by online platforms aimed at increasing the number of transactions. Overall, even ordinary buyers may be interested in this article since, despite serious research, the conclusions affect those who buy and sell products online. Business-to-business platforms have differences in advertising and behavioral strategies, which should be studied. This article is the first step on the way to this research with the summary and analysis of the information about business-to-business electronic platforms.

Management of Competition among Sellers and its Performance Implications for Business-to-Business Electronic Platforms

The article under consideration focuses on the analysis of the breadth and depth of the competition among the sellers and the influence of short-term and long-term tactics of consumer behavior. The findings of the research have indicated that the breadth of competition, indicated by “universality and strength of ability” improve sellers’ performance in e-business. The depth understood as the “degrees of scarcity, uniqueness, and difficulty of imitation of these resources”, contributes greatly to long-term selling being harmful to a short-term one. Therefore, the research has proven that one of the main focuses of the modern e-business campaigns is directed at attracting clients referring to a number of techniques. Having studied breadth and depth techniques of the competition, the article contributes to the development of modern e-business in positive ways. Having understood the needs of the customers and the strategies which attract them, the companies involved in e-business will be able to understand the customer behavior better. Living in the world of information technologies and constantly developing e-business, the understanding of consumer behavior is a guarantee of successful business running.

Having applied to modern e-business, the companies should monitor the number of successful operations and their prices. Moreover, they should attract more members for the purchase. The seller platforms should care for attracting more clients, which is possible after the understanding of the behavior and expectations of the customers. The reference to one specific strategy will lead to failure and the article under analysis has clearly shown it. To remain a successful seller platform online, the company needs to implement a number of strategies, both breadth, and depth. As for the ordinary audience, the article is helpful in understanding how a successful company should operate.