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For the pursuance of the research, the company Telenor Group was chosen. Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators in the world, which serves 140 million subscribers. This company holds a strong position in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia. Telenor Group was included in the list of 500 largest companies in the world. In addition, it is one of the leaders of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes rating. The company totals nearly 30,000 employees all over the world. In light of the above, one can definitely consider Telenor Group a successful company. Along with that, the company can be praised for its ability to recruit and retain high-qualified and experienced employees. Telenor Group provides a policy of loyalty towards its principal staff, which helps to keep them working well. The company provides a wide number of benefits to its employees to ensure their satisfaction.

This paper will provide a detailed analysis of Telenor Group and several aspects of its activity such as internal organizational performance, type of culture, structure of the company, model of communication, nature of authority, motivational techniques the company uses towards its employees, areas of emotional quotient, and components of a virtual organization within the company.

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Type of Culture

Telenor Group was established in 1855 under the name Telegrafverket as the telegraph service provider. In 1966, the company launched a mobile phone network with manual switching. In 1981, it was replaced by an automatic mobile network. Due to the activity of Telenor Group, Norway became the first country with an automatic mobile communication in Europe. Since 1993, the development of networks of a global system for mobile communications began. Finally, in 2004, commercial network 3G was commissioned. Telenor Group is a company that operates not only in Scandinavian countries but all over Europe and Asia. It can be definitely considered as the most popular and famous company, which provides telecommunication and networks services in the world. In addition, it has its own standards of culture. Telenor Group can provide the appropriate conditions for the total satisfaction and loyalty for its employees. Thus, this company seems to be a very good employer. In examining the type of culture, to which the company operates respectively, it can be noted that the principles of a “salad bowl” are followed. It means that Telenor Group provides the policy of unconditional belief in the equality of people from different countries and nations. Being an international company, it also respects the diversification of cultures.

Telenor Group policy towards its employees can be characterized by equal and fair treatment of every representative of the company. All of them can expect benefits and perks to an equal extent. In addition, the company maintains an informal and friendly atmosphere in offices. The existing hierarchy is not emphasized. The office space is not divided according to the colonelcy. Due to such organization of working operation, all employees have equal opportunities to express their professional qualities and the similar tools and possibilities to get a benefit. The policy of equality of all employees helps to make communication and discussion of professional issues easier and more effective. Such an organization of the working process gives the opportunity to engage all employees in the decision-making process to a certain extent. Thus, one can conclude that Telenor Group employees are compensated appropriately to their professional achievements and are totally satisfied with their jobs. In turn, it positively influences the turnover rate. Telenor Group can be considered to be a stable company that is able to retain good employees. Without a doubt, it is difficult to follow the principles of a salad bowl culture in such a huge company as Telenor Group. However, this company has successfully been doing it and keeping its employees satisfied for many years. As a result, such loyal policy indisputably makes profits for the company. As it is known, any company’s success is founded on the professionalism, devotion, and efforts of its employees. Telenor Group shows excellent performance. It can be noted that the values inherent to the company culture have a huge impact on its success. The principles of determination, devotion, and hard working are introduced into the professional consciousness of its employees. Thus, loyalty towards its employees and their satisfaction leads Telenor Group to success. Furthermore, this company does not use negative competition as a motivational factor. Telenor Group suggests its employees the concept of teamwork and mutual assistance. This company excellently reflects the