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My childhood experiences were characterized by gratifying, sociable, and loving people. My childhood peers and loving parents contributed significantly to who I am today. Because of the values that I learned while growing up, I have found myself assisting other people whenever I can. I do not like seeing my allies going through difficulties in school, especially where I have the capacity to assist them. Interestingly, my lovely parents motivated me to continue with that characteristic, stressing that it will become significant in my more advanced age. I feel that I have acquired some of my good traits from my loving mother. I have always seen her assisting her relatives when they experiencing personal problems. Because of this, she is loved by many of her relatives, as well as close friends. The current essay will elaborate on the fundamental personality attributes that I am really proud of. In addition, it will point out some of the other personality traits that I need to alter with time and some that I require to develop.

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Positive Traits

1. Philanthropic

I have never comprehended my real personal attributes until I opted to take the Enneagram Test for assurance and clarification. I have always tried to please people, both in academic and social experiences. The conclusion of the Enneagram Test clearly demonstrated my true personality traits, which I have desired to know throughout the entire duration of my teenage years. I have been cordial in terms of my social skills since my childhood years. I regard the quality of being sociable as being inborn, which has supplemented my friendly skills over the years. I have never understood why I love treating both my colleagues and allies in a good manner, but the majority of them take it as an assumption. Moreover, even if I am amiable, many of my allies tend to ignore the habit. I have affirmed that many of my friends always look for me when they require my assistance in various matters. According to the Enneagram Test, I am both philanthropic and magnanimous, and that is essentially accurate. It is because I have the heart of assisting people who are in need of help, without considering their religious background, race, or ethnicity. Most importantly, I have the unconditional appreciation for my family, including my relatives and close allies. I have come to realize that it has made me defenseless at times. In other words, it becomes a weakness, since I always desire to assist those close to me, and therefore some can use this to their advantage.

2. Sensitive Trait

I am appreciative of my sensible character trait that facilitates the quickness to synthesize information and any other conversation more thoroughly. I was impetuous during my late childhood and the early teenage years because I used to do things without giving them much thought beforehand. Nevertheless, I really appreciate this important period of my life, since I have attained the quality of doing things conscientiously. The major challenge that this closeness trait depicts is the fear of other people presuming that you are going beyond the boundary of personal closeness. The sensible attribute has brought numerous benefits to my overall personal being. I have developed a profound feeling of what is actually happening in my life at a particular moment. Again, thanks to the extensive comprehension of information during conversations, I am able to realize what people require me to do at all times. The sensible trait has assisted me in identifying the negative peer pressures, including abuse of drugs that I need to isolate myself from. It has helped me to become more intuitive and I am very grateful because of this trait. Credit goes to the sensitive characteristic that I possess since I have acquired creativity in many aspects of my current experiences. In my learning encounters, I have come to appreciate the capacity of imagination that comes from generations of useful systematic ideas, probabilities, and experiences.

3. Conscientious Trait

I am proud of the conscientious feature that I possess because it provides me with the insight to think about the effects of my actions on other people. Specifically, I have to consider the results of my conduct around other individuals, such as my colleagues and my learning associates. It is a major advantage that I have come to realize with time, because it allows me to contemplate on my experiences, and learn from the errors. Whenever I experience a negative assessment, it does not demoralize my self-esteem. I take it into serious consideration and try to logically come up with a relevant solution. Moreover, I have come to realize that I am compassionate and unequivocal in matters relating to personal emotions. It has altered my way of conveying messages to people, including my p