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The tourism industry is a sector promoted heavily in Western Australia like in any other areas. This has been so to ensure that the decline in the beauty in the rural areas is avoided. Attempts have been made to merge the old and new agricultural practices to promote regional sustainability thus boosting tourism. In the recent past, olive development in Western Australia has attracted tourists thus boosting the tourism and the hospitality industry. In addition, it has enabled the providers and visitors to Western Australia to have an experience on the taste of olive and the ancient rural culture. In this paper, the main area of focus is on the analysis of tourism at a stated destination where olive is grown in Western Australia.


Map of the destination chosen

The area chosen is Western Australia and more specifically the part referred to Perth.

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The Natural Environment and major features of the chosen destination in Western Australia

Perth is the largest and the capital city of the Australian state and comes forth in terms of the famous cities in Australia. Some of the features found in the chosen destination are the traditional water body referred to as Swan River that was named after the traditional black swans. As one moves towards the rural areas, fertility has been enhanced by upgrading to suit farming of olive which is a prime tourist attraction activity in Perth. In addition, much Perth has been rehabilitated from the fresh-water wetlands. As a result, about 80% of Perth was reclaimed from wetland and part of it is being used for farming of olive. The coastal shrubs are yet other features that form part of Perth. This is because of the proximity of the city to the ocean. In addition, it is bordered by a low escapement to the east and most parts of Perth is flat.

Cultural uniformity or cultural diversity

Perth is an area that has diverse cultures due to individuals who reside and have a diverse cultural background. As a result, it is worth noting that the surrounding region of Perth is dominated by people with vibrant histories, culture, and art. Some of the examples of art forms in the destination include oral history, music, dance, literature, and visual arts. Al these can be found in the gallery of art located in Western Australia, or in the Australian Museum. People profess different or diverse religions in Perth; for instance, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, while others do not profess any belief.

Earning a Living

People who live in Perth earn a living by engaging themselves in a variety of activities which include; theatre performance, getting involved in sports, and intensive farming. In the recent past according to the research, most of the people in Perth have decided to get involved in intensive olive farming that is capable of attracting tourists. As a result, this shows that a significant number of people in Perth are able to earn a living by engaging in tourist attracting activities. Other individuals in Perth get engaged in television and film production as a way that enables them to earn a living. Others some join sports clubs that are well paying thus earning a living from their talents.

History and herit