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The tourism industry is a sector promoted heavily in Western Australia like in any other areas. This has been so to ensure that the decline in the beauty in the rural areas is avoided. Attempts have been made to merge the old and new agricultural practices to promote regional sustainability thus boosting tourism. In the recent past, olive development in Western Australia has attracted tourists thus boosting the tourism and the hospitality industry. In addition, it has enabled the providers and visitors to Western Australia to have an experience on the taste of olive and the ancient rural culture. In this paper, the main area of focus is on the analysis of tourism at a stated destination where olive is grown in Western Australia.


Map of the destination chosen

The area chosen is Western Australia and more specifically the part referred to Perth.

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The Natural Environment and major features of the chosen destination in Western Australia

Perth is the largest and the capital city of the Australian state and comes forth in terms of the famous cities in Australia. Some of the features found in the chosen destination are the traditional water body referred to as Swan River that was named after the traditional black swans. As one moves towards the rural areas, fertility has been enhanced by upgrading to suit farming of olive which is a prime tourist attraction activity in Perth. In addition, much Perth has been rehabilitated from the fresh-water wetlands. As a result, about 80% of Perth was reclaimed from wetland and part of it is being used for farming of olive. The coastal shrubs are yet other features that form part of Perth. This is because of the proximity of the city to the ocean. In addition, it is bordered by a low escapement to the east and most parts of Perth is flat.

Cultural uniformity or cultural diversity

Perth is an area that has diverse cultures due to individuals who reside and have a diverse cultural background. As a result, it is worth noting that the surrounding region of Perth is dominated by people with vibrant histories, culture, and art. Some of the examples of art forms in the destination include oral history, music, dance, literature, and visual arts. Al these can be found in the gallery of art located in Western Australia, or in the Australian Museum. People profess different or diverse religions in Perth; for instance, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, while others do not profess any belief.

Earning a Living

People who live in Perth earn a living by engaging themselves in a variety of activities which include; theatre performance, getting involved in sports, and intensive farming. In the recent past according to the research, most of the people in Perth have decided to get involved in intensive olive farming that is capable of attracting tourists. As a result, this shows that a significant number of people in Perth are able to earn a living by engaging in tourist attracting activities. Other individuals in Perth get engaged in television and film production as a way that enables them to earn a living. Others some join sports clubs that are well paying thus earning a living from their talents.

History and heritage of the destination

Perth is a place in Western Australia that was reclaimed from the wetlands. It was named in 1829 by Captain James Stirling after a person who was called Perth. People who earlier lived in the south-western part of Australia were hunters and gatherers. The neighboring lake served them with the much desired physical and spiritual sustenance. The place that is currently referred to Perth had been named Boorloon those individuals who were moved in by the colonialists during the pre-colonial period. Heritage refers to the inherited culture, monuments, objects, and traditions. In addition, it is a range of behaviors, contemporary activities, and means of doing things that we acquire from either parents or the people whom we live together. In Perth, due to its diverse heritage, it acts as a medium for enhancing economic development because it attracts a wide range of tourists alongside olive farming.

Circumstances that contribute to Perth becoming a Tourist Destination

Perth became a tourist destination due to a number of factors and activities that were considered suitable for tourists. For instance; the olive farming practiced in the area as a means of attracting people who might not be from the same area but even those from different parts of the country. In addition, its proximity to the city center plays a substantial role as many tourists prefer an area that is close to town for easy access to transport means. The open opportunity that resulted in venturing in the farming of olive is yet another issue that contributed to it becoming a suitable place as a choice as a tourist destination.

Motivational factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

Motivation refers to a process whereby needs activate behavior of an individual thus making one to act in a certain way towards achieving something or the desired goal. The theory of Abraham mass low hierarchy of needs has been used to explain the motivational factors that make one behave in a certain manner. In tourism, there are motivational factors that contribute to an individual visiting a tourist destination. Some of the motivational factors that can make tourists visit Perth include ego needs and self-actualization. Ego needs refer to the desire for self-respect, prestige, and success. These needs are not basic, and one can do without them, but, because of ego and self-actualization needs, they have been forced to travel to Perth so that their needs can be satisfied.

Push factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

Push factors refer to the socio-psychological issues that drive an individual to visit a place. These are the pressures in life that make an individual take a holiday for instance; when one feels as if he or she is socially alienated and wants to enhance esteem this then makes one decide to visit a place. This is, therefore, a factor that can make one visit a place like Perth.

Pull factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

Pull factors refer to those aspects that attract an individual to travel to a certain destination of choice. These are the appealing features in a destination that attracts an individual to visit. In the case of Perth, some of the pull factors include olive farming, the beautiful city of Perth, and diverse cultures.

Activities in which tourists engage at Perth

While at Perth, the tourists can be able to engage in diverse activities based on their choices and need. In the area, there are diverse cultures, stages where the live performance of art is conducted, different religious believes and events, and the clean beach near the river. As a result, they can get engage themselves by joining other people in the olive farms and an understanding of the various ways of practicing olive farming. In addition, can attend a live performance of art, enjoy themselves at the beach, or join others in the various worship centers such the mosque for the Muslims, church for the Christians, or even temple for the Hindus.

Economic impacts of tourism to the surrounding community

Most of the people living in Perth have positively benefited from tourism in the area. As far as the economic benefit is a concern, most of the surrounding society of Perth has been able to sell their performances to the tourists thus earning themselves a living. In addition, people who work in the olive farms are paid for their services of attending to the tourists thus boosting their income. Some people offer their services in the hospitality industries and transport industry thus enabling them to earn income. As a result, it is worth noting that most of the people in Perth view tourism as a major source of income.

Cultural impacts of tourism on the host society

People in Perth have been able to embrace their culture through various performances. For instance, the people who live in Perth have different languages thus are able to train tourists on the various issues they wish to know. As a result, they are able to boost and ensure the development of their culture. On the other hand, others might be influenced and go ahead to neglect their original culture while trying to adapt to a foreign culture. This way then leads to a negative impact on the cultural aspect of the surrounding community.

Social impacts of tourism surrounding community

On the social impacts of tourism in Perth, residents have been able to mingle and interact with tourists from different parts of the world hence social integration. As a result, the impacts have been both positive and negative since some issues have been favorable to the community while others have been unfavorable. Some of the negative social impacts that have resulted from tourism at Perth include the aspect of drug and substance abuse by the tourists who visit the area. This is because; at times they may influence the youth to perform the same. Some of the positive social impact of tourism in the area is that people have been encouraged to become self-determined. In addition, they have been informed of the significance of offering quality in their services so that they can attract tourists.

Environmental impacts of tourism surrounding community

In most cases, tourism has led to negative environmental impacts. It should not then be used to conclude that there are no positive impacts that have resulted from tourism in Perth. Bearing in mind that tourism attraction activity that has recently been introduced embraces agriculture, it has some positive impacts. The nature of the environment due to the growth of olive helps in ensuring that the air around the place is purified. On the other hand, there has been a negative impact of environmental degradation due to the clearing of some part of the land to create space for infrastructure development.

Accommodation in the chosen destination

For tourists who might need accommodation while at Perth, perfect hotels that offer accommodation services are found at the east of Perth. As an added advantage, most of them are situated close to water catchment areas thus enabling an individual to have a perfect view while in the room. At the city center, one can still be able to get cheaper hotels to spend depending on their need. While at the city center getting accommodation services, one can still visit swan bell tower that is made of glasses thus enabling an individual to have a full view of the city.


The chosen destination can be served by Perth airport that is located to the east of the destination. This will be used by tourists who could be coming from foreign countries or those from far places. To supplement air means of transport, Perth has a road network that has tree freeways. This can be used by anyone depending on own choice. Some of the other public means of transport at Perth include buses, trains, and ferries. In the area, there are 70 railway stations and about 15 bus stations. Therefore, depending on individual choice, one can decide to use public buses, train, plains, and ferries.

Gastronomic Experiences

Some of the gastronomic experiences one can have while at Perth include the spectacular wine and food trails, cocktail, exotic coffee, honey, chocolates, and delicious cheeses among others. This can be afforded at a low cost of between $69 and $150 that can be friendly to the users and tourists. Most of these are available at swan valley that is only 25 minutes drive from Perth city. In addition, it will also include individuals having a close insight into the local products by engaging with the local producers. While at swan valley, individuals will have to highlight trips they intend to have so that they could be programmed to fit those guaranteed to them in the hotel. Some of which can be offered to them include visiting the house of honey and a chocolate company referred to Margaret River.

Definition, kind and Components of promotion (including brochures)

Promotion is one of the marketing’s mixes employed in a company to ensure the marketing of its products or services. There are a number of promotion strategies, which include advertising, publicity, personal selling, and direct sales. As a result, for the case of advertising is the best strategy to use in the promotion of the chosen destination. This is because; with the use of advertisement direct sales this can be most suitable in situations where brochures need to be used. In this case, advertisements over the internet will be made together with the issues of brochures to those individuals who will visit the area. The surrounding community will be used to distribute them thus forming the greatest part of the direct sales promotion. In addition, some of the other components that will contribute heavily in the promotion include the internet, employees of the olive farm, and accommodation offering places among the other available components.


Ones effective promotion strategies have been put in place; the company will be able to maximize profits. In addition, the surrounding community will benefit economically, socially, culturally, and to some extent environmentally. A lot of emphases should be laid in ensuring that the chosen destination is effectively promoted to attract both the local and international tourists. As time goes by, it will then be possible to have the olive farming as one of the best tourist-attracting sites in Perth Western Australia.

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