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The following paper is basically going to discuss on the current economic issues that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC) are implementing; in order to ensure that the states government spends less on the correctional facilities and at the same time improve on the welfare of the prison workers and prisoners. The article titled “Texas prison system budget cuts stir up concerns” by Diane Jennings is an article that will highlight on the recommended changes that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC) aims at implementing. This is in order to ensure that the Texas State government cuts down its financial uses on the prison systems and also ensuring that the conditions of the prisons are improved and consequently ensure that the conditions of the prison are improved to a better condition.

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The reasons that I have opted to chose the article is because the author Diane Jennings has provided a more concise agreement and explanation of the process that the Texas Department of Justice will use in order to come up with the necessary measures. These measures will help the Texas state government to be able to cut its expenditure on the prison facilities. At the same time using these changes uplift the conditions of these correctional facilities so that they can conduct their activities more swiftly. This makes the prisoners feel less comfortable and thus raising the levels of insecurity and tension in the Texas prisons.

The main idea in the article is to provide the reader with a complete guide that will aim at telling the reader on the procedure in which Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC) is aimed at offering these necessary changes to the prison systems in the Texas state. On the other hand, providing the reader with the possible directions in which the department is aiming at. This will ensure that these cut costs are aimed at reducing the expenditures that are incurred by the Texas state in the prisons. As a consequence, result in a well-corrected prison system that will aim at improving the lives of the inmates and the people that work within this system. Some of the cutting costs in which the Texas Department of Criminal Justice aims at implementing includes laying off of around 550 employees, Canceling the treatment of the inmates, Non-replacement of the equipment, Improve information technological practices and Cutting unused treatment program funds. From the evaluation of these proposed changes it has been apparently clear that these changes will be of great advantage to the State and at the same time help improve the prison systems.

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