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Ethical Code of Conduct for Alexander Metropolitan Hospital

In this dynamic and highly competitive business environment, it is important for business organizations as well as individuals to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that is social and legally acceptable. It can be achieved due to the development as well as implementation of the ethical code of conduct that would act as a guideline to the behaviors and actions of an organization and its members. An ethical code of conduct can be defined as a set of principles or rules that are developed or designed to assist and guide the behaviors and actions of members of an organization or professionals within a given industry or field. Ethical codes of conduct are documents that clearly set the expected behaviors of members of an organization or professionals in a given industry or field to enable them act honestly, with integrity, and in accordance with social and professional norms and values.

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Ethical codes of conduct developed by an organization usually contain their vision and mission statements. The main purpose of an ethical code of conduct is to guide the behaviors and actions of professionals or members of an organization by showing them how to approach problems and what actions to take based on the core values, norms, principles, mission, and vision of the organization. An ethical code of conduct highlights the values and principles that should be held by every professional or member of an organization during the course of their work. Ethical codes of conducts are usually formulated by organizations to help their employees and other members during their interactions or business dealings. In my view, an ethical code of conduct is important in an organization because it lays down the rules for individual behaviors. Most ethical codes of conduct also provide preemptive warnings that caution workers against involvement in or committing illegal or unethical activities. The purpose of this paper is to develop an ethical code of conduct for Alexander Metropolitan Hospital. Alexander Metropolitan Hospital is an outpatient centre located in Alexander City in Alabama, United States of America. Thus, the thesis statement of the paper is that Alexander Metropolitan Hospital requires an ethical code of conduct, which should be developed and implement fully.

As an outpatient healthcare organization, Alexander Metropolitan Hospital needs to show its commitment to honesty and ethical behavior during the provision of health care services to people. Additionally, it should show its commitment to provide care services to people with integrity. This can be achieved through the development and implementation of an appropriate ethical code of conduct that would guide the behaviors of its workers, including those in management governance and the professional staff. At Alexander Metropolitan Hospital, the practice of behaving honestly, ethically, and with integrity is the responsibility of every member of the organization. Every employee of the organization is responsible for the decision he or she makes and the actions he takes every day as he goes about daily work. Every organization member will be held accountable for the actions he decides to take at the workplace. The main purpose of this ethical code of conduct is to help improve patient outcomes by showing respect to the fundamental rights of each patient and to enhance the process of creating and maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships with the public and patients in an ethical manner.

Alexander Metropolitan Hospital recognizes that all patients have a fundamental right to selfless care that safeguards their personal dignity and shows great respect to their cultural, psychosocial and spiritual beliefs, principles and values. The ethical code of conduct shall form an integral part of the work philosophy of the organization. It shall communicate the ethical business standards and principles of the organization. It compasses the expected behaviors of staff and the management of Alexander Metropolitan Hospital as they carry out their duties and responsibilities. It would guide the conduct of patients and other people who may interact with the facilit