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Executive Summary (Why Dell Was Chosen)

Dell is the third largest private company in America. It is also one of the best employers in America, having recruited up to a hundred thousand employees. Its brand is valued worldwide, thus leading to higher sales of products and services that earn the company 59 billion dollars. The company offers a wide range of products and services with a high market value. Dell became a private company in 2013 and henceforth has experienced a lot of progress, especially with the acquisition of EMC, which is the largest pure record deal of the company in technology at the moment.

Dell Company has been chosen because of the great progress the firm has made in the industry over the years, including its deal with EMC, which has however generated controversies in the current market news. On the one hand, the purchase will see Dell suspend some of its businesses to assist in covering some of the debts that would come. On the other hand, the acquisition will see Dell combine a cluster of small businesses into one enormous company. This will be a major milestone for the company considering that it is a company that was founded by Michael Dell in his small room at the campus. He had an entrepreneurial spirit at that moment: because of this same spirit, he is willing to take risks and expand the company even more. This company has practiced a technological innovation, which has enabled the liberation of helpful resolutions of an array of solutions in computers over the time it has operated. It has also made technology accessible to everyone, considering the fact that its products and services are affordable worldwide. It has also made sure that it technologically catches up with the current generation by developing and designing many innovations to suit the current times, hence producing technologically advanced products that encourage advancements among consumers worldwide.

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Introduction to Dell Company and the Industry

Dell Inc. is a company functioning in the United States of America. It is privately owned and is named after its founder Michael Dell who founded it in the year 1984 in his room at a dormitory in Texas. The history of Dell Industry started at the University of Texas where Michael configured computers from reserve apparatus. He later got a boost of 1,000 dollars from his supportive family in order to expand his business. He dropped out of school, focusing on his business and it did not take long before it experienced its first major success, which was the production of the first computer called the Turbo PC. This development saw the company obtain 795 dollars, which was not bad for starters at that time. After advertisements and sales within the first year of business operation, there was a substantive amount of income adding up to 73 million dollars earned by the company, which was then known as PC’s Limited. The company achieved major growth with the help of Lee Walker and Morton Meyerson who were hired by Michael Dell to help turn the company into a larger one. The very first strategy envisioning an expansion of the company consisted of the makeover of the name to Dell Computer Corporation. With this name as well as offers from the public of a large percentage of shares, there came global attention and growth in the company’s market capitalization. It was hence recognized by the Fortune magazine in 1992 as the world’s top 500 biggest companies and Michael Dell was the youngest CEO of such a company. Much of the growth experienced in the late 1990s and early 2000s came when the company developed an internet site, which skyrocketed its sales. Another reason for success was the fact that the company channeled most of its sales to individuals and families rather than to the user market.

It is a technology company that deals with computers and associated goods and services. It is majorly involved in the business of developing, selling, repairing, and offering support services to computer users among other products. Bearing in mind that it is one of the biggest computer companies in the world, it is, therefore, able to employ thousands of people worldwide. It started as a small company that was selling personal computers only, but now it has developed into a large company that sells servers and data storage devices, as well as network switches, computer software, televisions, printers, cameras, and other electronics from various manufacturing companies. The company has a well-developed supply chain and has made significant strides in supply chain management and in electronic commerce. It has also developed direct-sales services whereby goods are manufactured with an approach of built-to-order. This approach has enabled the company to target the specific needs of customers worldwide in terms of how they would like their personal computers to be designed. Despite having specifically sold computer hardware for in the past, the company has recently ventured into several other businesses, including information technology (IT). This milestone was achieved after the company’s acquisition of Perot Systems in 2009. It has also developed in the areas of storage and networking. All these developments are done in an effort to enlarge its product and service range, hence meeting the demands of various customers.