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Apple Inc.

The world experience demonstrates that the full support of economic entities in the field of innovation greatly facilitates its development (especially at the initial stage) as well as contributes to the creation of public and private projects. Herein, each of them is capable of providing a technological breakthrough in the relevant industry. In accordance with the theory of human resource management, costs are a kind of capital investment that allows employees and organizations to achieve certain economic results, produce goods and services in greater volumes and better quality, receive higher monetary incomes, and so on. The theory of human capital explores the relationship between investing in the human factor and the revenues that the organization receives from these investments.

In case of labor development assessment, the most important issue lies in the labor potential and the factors for its development. They contain cumulative characteristics of the workers responsible for selection, execution, and coordination of actions that provide a company with strategic advantages in the services, market goods, and knowledge. These advantages reflect the fact that competitors are unable to produce similar quality goods or services, or are late with their modernization. These abilities can be inherent in the organization as a whole, or feature individual employees, but, in both cases, they are essential for the implementation of the organizations strategic goals. Therefore, the main concepts for the Apple Company are changes, creativity, and innovation, as the company needs to receive the best results from its employees for its continuous growth.


Apple has a unique ability to move from industry to industry, and certainly dominate in each of them. At the first stage of creation, the Apple Company was a computer enterprise named AppleComputer. In the contemporary world, the Apple Company has been active in both the music and smartphone industries. Most recently, the Apple Company even began to try itself in publishing. This very speediness provided by the companys leadership policy and the corporate culture of Apple, reinforces the need to be ready for a new big step accompanied by changes.

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The changes should comprise the process of search for fast talented personnel, however, the essence is in the process of adaptation. The corporate culture of the Apple Company has the following strategy: after the successful execution of a task, the employee immediately gets a new one, which is significantly different from the previous one. Thus, staff needs to learn quickly and easily master new tools. Such presentation of corporate culture helps employees understand that in this company they must always be ready for outstanding challenges and tasks. The Apple Company personnel need to change the way of the implementation of companys activities. The staff conducts the activities through unrelated, disconnected teams that compete among each other, without really understanding the purpose and practical utility of the task. Oppositely, there should be a reliable link between the departments to direct them to the same trend. In such a system, it is obvious that the employee who would be bored with his or her work would not stay in the company for a long time since the main goal of personnel selection is readiness for a rapidly changing load or even a passion for challenges and significant modifications. The ability of the Apple Company to absorb and dominate in a variety of industries directly relates to the companys general unusual approaches, talent management, and image-building method, which are all necessary for the successful implementation of innovations . Herein, the term of think different should be changed, but not to the fullest extent. It means that there should be a continuation of the phrase: different from who/what. Such a company cannot use the generally accepted norms and approaches in talent management, therefore, it should develop its motto further. For example, career planning reduces employee self-confidence and interfunctional interaction. In most organizations, the management assumes that the HR department should continuously change its approaches. In most cases, it usually helps employees to accelerate career growth considering the fact that career opportunities encourage employees to work and help keep employees in the company. Now, in the current fast changing world, the career development should entail generating the new staff while preserving and retaining the previous employees who have showed the best performance. The Apple Company has a completely different approach provided that the employee himself/herself is responsible for his/her career advancement. The concept of the owner of ones career has existed in Apple for many years. It does not support the career growth of employees in order not to beak career expectations, although it is customary to think that employees have the right to continuous promotion.

The methodology of innovations, talent, development, and creativity management as a dominant paradigm of the Apple modern management lies on the ground of the following provisions, which lack modifications to a certain extent. Firstly, the manager cannot extrapolate the understanding of non-linearity of business development and the organizations behavior on the basis of previously revealed patterns and observations, which determines such specific features, as limited time intervals to consider, and constraints to require. The evaluation takes place, as a rule, on a qualitative rather than a quantitative level. Secondly, there should be a consideration of the organization as a whole, ensuring the integration of all functional subsystems. Thirdly, the talent and knowledge management are to be the basis for innovative development. Fourthly, the management of business proces