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Race, Class, Gender in the United States is the completion of essays which Rothenberg uses to paint a picture of oppression for women, the minority and financially oppressed members in the society. In the book, the race has been defined as the sole determinant of human characteristics and capacities and that racial variations lead to unjustified superiority of a particular race. It describes the view that the socio-cultural and economic advantage position of the Europeans and Americans be maintained at a higher level than other races in a normal life situation. The power of race, gender, and class are explained in this collection of essays with the variations in power are based on the class system.


This collection of essays provides a study of class, race, and gender. Through past experiences, it is clear that racism has been practiced in many generations, however the numerous efforts that have been directed to change the differences in race, gender, and class in America. The past views of the Europeans and Americans superiority in all aspects against other races have been emphasized by Rothenberg in this collection of essays. In the History of the United States, racial and gender discrimination has been documented to have resulted due to the differences in race and gender. Racism is defined as a belief that race is the sole determinant of human characteristics and capabilities that racial variations that produce an inherent superiority against other races. Discrimination has been described as the process in which two stimuli have different responses in some aspect.

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