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This is a book written by Larry Gonick who is a professor and a mathematician. The cartoon history of the Universe mainly focuses on issues associated with the development the world has undergone over a period. Cartoon history of the Universe is a book illustrated and written by a mathematician by the name of Larry Gonick about the history of the world. Larry Gonick is a renowned professor and cartoonist in America and is a very influential author of the 21st century since his books tackle some of the issues affecting the modern world at large. In the book, Larry talks of how the world has changed in a loose chronological order. Initially, the author mainly focused on publishing his book under comic columns but now it has been made to take a complete cover of trade paperbacks going for more than a hundred pages each. Another thing that has made the book to gain fame is the fact that it has been translated into several languages such as Portuguese and polish among other languages.

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The relation between Nomads, Peasants and those Settled

The illustration between the central state, lords, and peasants is depicted by looking at how they have undergone development in the past years to date. There was some fight for the balance of power between the nomads and the inhabitants of the steppe and those in the forest. The conquest by nomads left its mark on the Russian soul, mythology, and literature and this means that it has also left behind rich administrative and other records of the functioning of nomad society. In the cartoon history, it is not merely the Russian background that is relevant but also the background of other communities and this is what brings the relation between the nomads and the peasants. Another relation between the nomads and the peasants that are portrayed by the cartoon history is how the thoughts of the nineteenth century were being incorporated in taking actions and so on. The way nomads and settled people make their decisions also matters a lot because nomads tend to think and act in a very backward way as compared to the settled ones. The direction of change in society is also viewed in a very different perspective by those people who are settled and the nomads. The illustrations that depict the relations between these groups are such as how social theory and anthropology was brought about and how functionalism was to be found. Some other illustrations are such as the introduction of education since there were new schools built. I agree with the ideas depicted in the book since they contributed a lot to develop in the modern world. The book consists of different topics associated with the development that humans have undergone in the previous years to what is there in the modern world. The styles that the author of Cartoon History has used to make the book more interesting and easy to understand in all possible ways. Gonick uses styles that bring out the information in the book very clear for anyone to understand. In order for him to bring his discussions out clearly, Gonick uses a very interesting illustration style, which entails drawing techniques that are realistic, and he does it in a very simple way. He mainly uses simple drawings that are cross-hatching and he does it with a lively ink-and –brush, which resembles the works of Walt Kelly’s Pogo and Calvin and Hobbes of Bill Watson. When he focused on the history of the invasion of Italy of (390 BCE-387 BCE), the characters that he brings out seemed to be having similarities with those of Asterix and Obelix. This illustration style is very influential because it makes it easy for him to explain his ideas clearly and it also makes it easy for the reader to understand what is being written by him. There are people who understand information better, through pictorial drawings thus, when Gonick uses this kind of illustration style, he is able to reach his audience and attract their attention. Through this kind of illustration style, his message is depicted in a very different and comprehensive way because it is very explicit.