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In the contemporary world Muslim religion is regarded to be one of the most successfully growing religions, the fastest growing religion in the world. According to the video with Zarqa Nawaz, Islam teaches the right things, especially in the context of the modern life in the North America, and particularly in Canada. People in these countries are open-minded, and the video presents the main principle of Islamic view towards enemies, like go and negotiate with those oppressing you.The main idea of this video is to suggest correct solutions to the problematic aspects of Muslim spiritual life and the role of women in mosques. For example, in 52% of mosques in the Northern America, there are special curtains between men and women areas which does not allow distracting attention of the men from the prayers. Undoubtedly, if there is a will, there is a way, so it would be very good, in the opinion of some women, to remove this curtain. The interviewer in this video suggests such barriers between men and women be overcome, basing his suggestion on the idea of equality and avoiding so called spiritual loneliness of the visitors of these mosques. According to the video, there is greate controversy in the opinions of people, some of them do support the the idea that men and women should pray divided by curtain, as nothing should distract mens attention from the prayer in the church. Esposito supports this opinion in some figurative way, so do Rippin and Mernissi, who focuse on the religious practices in Islam in relation to women and their role in religion.

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Islam includes religious practices that are easy to comprehend and help to understand the role of the humanity in the modern world. Islam explains many religious things, historic eventsand social issues in its own unique way, so they become very clear and easily acceptable by the believers and practitioners all around the world. Islam values are the concepts that can be treated differently by many religious and political leaders, but in any case, Muslim religion stands on many common grounds with other religions. The growth of Islam is explained by the so called easiness in understanding and practicing. Undoubtedly, it is very good to treat Islamic values in the context of modernizing and developing even new concepts, including the attitude to life. In any case, Muslim style of life includes not only rituals and worship practices, but also the complex of beliefs and attitudes to life. Many Islamic religious leaders explain many things in their own unique way, and some even treat traditional concepts differently. Of course, such attitude can be used for making judgments about religious experiences in many other religions all around the world. Islam is a system of beliefs that includes many useful things in the context of modern civilization. Speaking about Islamic values in the context of the USA, it would be very good to mention that democratic and free way of life of the United States of America includes equal attitude towards any religion. Many religions exist in the USA, and the law and equal opportunities allow them to practice religion in the context of modern world. The USA government and law give equal opportunities to everyone, irrespective of their religion, only if their practices are useful and do not hold back the development of the modern civilization.

Islamic Religion Practice in the Modern Context

Modern Islamic values include the type of behavior that would be very useful to understand the key concepts and models of human behavior. Undoubtedly, in the contemporary world, there is a great need to understand how religious practices can be adjusted to the modern circumstances. It would be very useful to understand the necessity of new changes, particularly in the context of the United States of America.

The United States of America is one of the leading countries in the world. Many things are valued very much, especially in relation to freedom of religion. Religious practices are many in the US. And the role of Islam inside the country is huge, as many of citizens of the US accept Islam practice as one of the most important for the modern context.

What does Islam look like in the modern world? It is one of the leading religions in the US and is considered one of the most important in the context of a good style of life.

The Advantages of Islam

Islam has many advantages that are common to many other religions. Islam comprises many features that are very important for the further development of the human civilization and its attitude to life, morality, philosophical values, technology, nature and many other things that are very useful for the further development of the modern world. The relation of Islam to other religions proves the fact that it has a strong power that should be developed .

In my opinion,