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The Topic as Discussed with Others in the Past

Answers to the question on the existence of God have been controversial. Many people argue that there may be or may not be a God or argue about existence of different kinds of Gods. Most people contend that it is difficult to claim whether or not God exists due to the lack of knowledge or availability of limited information regarding the issue. Humankind has been around for long with very little pieces of history to study. For this purpose, they claim that no one knows what could be missing in order to find an ultimate answer. Thinking of the humankind continues to evolve, allowing people to grasp complex issues. Maybe or maybe not, they will be able to make a conclusion of whether God exists. Creation of the universe could have magically come out of nowhere. Time moves so does everything we know, therefore, something is responsible for the whole process involving the commencement of time. Everything on the planet is complex and precise, providing evidence that there is a likelihood of an intelligent creator.

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On the one hand, Christian believers or theists can affirm of God’s existence. On the other hand, atheists deny that God exists. Both positions are on the opposite ends of this philosophical spectrum. People want to know if there is a perfect God. Several different versions are in use regarding this issue. The answers purport that any person denying the existence of a greater being is self-contradictory. Most people argue that no one truly believes that everything in the universe had no creator, a being that had great power. Ideally, it means a creator is evident as we have the universe. On a general line of the argument, most find it a necessary truth that God exists. However, the controversy of whether God exists or not can be based on the knowledge of something unseen using evidence of the things people see. For this purpose, the ability of an individual to know of something that they cannot see is logically possible. Regarding this, it is true that the acknowledgement of God’s existence implies that the humankind cannot see him. Nonetheless, it is very possible to know if God exists or not through examination of evidence.

Most of all doctrines that parents and generations follow are imposed on children regarding God. Children then believe in this system without a choice whatsoever. Most families that are believers in God bring up their children believing in him, so it is inherent. Others try to believe in a special being for them to be hopeful of something. Looking at the major world religions, all of them identify themselves with teachers, prophets, and God. None of these religions has the claim of being equal to God. Surprisingly, Jesus Christ did, which sets him apart from other prophets. Jesus talked of a father in heaven using his preaching. Many Christians use the bible to answer the above question. They claim that God did send his only son to come and redeem all sinners and whoever would believe in him was to have eternal life with God. However, people give examples that demonstrate God’s perfect designs on the Earth. First, the Earth is perfect as its size corresponds to gravity, and layers of oxygen and nitrogen gases. Scientists argue that if the Earth were smaller, the atmosphere would be impossible to live in, just like on Mercury. Contrary, if it were larger, the atmosphere could contain hydrogen. The only planet that consists of an atmosphere with the right mixture of gases is the Earth. It has the potential of sustaining animal, plant, and human life. The Earth’s location in regards to the sun is at a right distance in terms of temperature swings that the humanity experiences.

If the Earth were a bit further from the sun, people would freeze. Any person trying to go a bit closer to the sun would burn to death. A fractional variance of the position of the Earth to the sun would make life unmanageable. The Earth remains at a perfect distance from the sun. It continues to rotate around the sun and on its axis. This phenomenon allows the entire Earth’s surface to warm properly and cool every day. The moon is also in a perfect size and position from the Earth for the purpose of its gravitational pull. It creates important ocean movements and tides so that the ocean waters do not stagnate. The moon restrains the continent massive waters from spilling over and across the continents.