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Part A: Functional Differences

It is very important to understand the functional differences between a regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing (BRN), and a professional nursing organization (PNO), as they pertain to my professional nursing practice. For example, a regulatory agency is a body that deals with the formulation of policies that guide operations in the field of nursing. As a Pre-L Nursing student and an aspiring future nurse, the Board of Nursing will help me in my practice as registered nurse. They will be obliged to take disciplinary actions against me if I do not follow the rules and regulations that the board outlines. The board will also help me by ensuring that I access continuing education in nursing to advance my professional knowledge. Moreover, the board will release the Nursing Practice Act that guides the practice. This is important because it will help me to be aware of the latest changes and professional requirements in nursing, including ethical values. The board will also formulate legislation and other regulations in order to enhance my nursing career. Finally, the board will regulate licensing policies to ensure that I can start working in this sector.

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On the other hand, a professional nursing organization is responsible for monitoring nurses’ adherence to the code of ethics and professional standards when dealing with patients. The American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners will help me, as a Pre-L Nursing student, to understand the latest planning, offering adequate medical care for different categories of patients. The professional association will also enhance my education in the nursing field since it is essential to improve my knowledge and skills in order to continue helping many patients. The association will avail medical journals with evidence-based data to help me improve patient care. The other services that the professional body will help me within my career include the organization of seminars on the latest trends in nursing care, cooperation with other medical institutions, and provision of certification upon successful completion of my nursing training.

Differences between the Board of Nursing and the Professional Association
Board of Nursing Professional Association
Formulates Acts Conducts nursing planning
Promotes nursing education Organizes nursing seminars
Licenses nursing practitioners Promotes nursing education
Carries out disciplinary functions on errant nurses Avails nursing journal for professional enhancement
Regulates the nursing sector Cooperates with other institutions and provides certification

Part B: Nursing Code of Ethics

The provisions from the Nursing Code of Ethics that will influence my practice include aspirations and personal values, which will be essential when performing my duties as a nurse. For instance, an aspiration to become a nurse has been developed since I have always wanted to save the lives of people as well as to comfort them when they are unwell. I have often wanted to encourage sick people and make them feel that they will regain their health despite the complexity of the disease. This desire to help people has always directed my efforts towards my aim. I worked hard in order to be sure that my dream will be fully accomplished. Certain individuals make me act and work as a nurse whenever I feel I am about to quit it because of the various challenges I face in the nursing field; this desire to help always motivates me.

The promotion of the health and well-being of people is my strongest personal value. My aim is to provide good medical care to ensure that the health of sick people is protected. I also intend to provide compassionate care for patients in that no one suffers in my presence. I will normally work to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of the sick. I will do my best to guarantee that the privacy and confidentiality of sick people as well as of their families are maintained. Any information considered private and confidential will not be disclosed to anyone. Moreover, I will be accountable for any single action I am going to be involved in, trying to act fairly.

Part C: Traits from the American Nurses Association

It is important to pay attention to professional traits from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics. Hence, I will demonstrate honesty, truthfulness, moral courage, and culturally sensitive care within the interdisciplinary team setting. Being honest is one of the most important professional traits of a nurse because it enables her to carry out all duties without negatively influencing patient outcomes. As a nurse, I will remain honest and follow professional standards that are recommended in nursing. In many cases, challenges that I will face in the nursing field will only inspire me to continue working hard in order to overcome them and accomplish my dream of being a professional nurse with strong values.

In terms of truthfulness, I am committed to being true to my profession as a nurse to ensure that I tell clients t