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Banner Healthcare Preparedness

The ever-increasing demands for better health care services and the emergence of sophisticated illnesses have made it necessary for healthcare providers to improve their services. To meet these demands, providers of health care services have been forced to provide quality medical services to the ever-increasing number of patients. Health care providers have also been forced to develop strategic plans. Banner Healthcare is an organization that invested a significant amount of resources to ensure that it has a well-implemented robust health care program. Banner Healthcare has made great strides to establish a health care system that is ready to address the patients needs through its strategic plan for growth, staffing of nurses, resource allocation and satisfying patients. The current essay focuses on Banner Healthcare and examines the organizations readiness in addressing the health care needs of citizens in the next decade. In addition, the paper provides Banner Healthcares strategic plan that examines issues such as network growth, staffing, resource management, and client satisfaction.

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Banner Healthcare preparedness in handling health care needs of the American citizenry in the next decade

Banner Health is one of the largest health care networks in the United States with 23 hospitals operating under the organization. Banner Health Care attracts a large number of clients because it provides various specialized services, including but not limited to emergency services, laboratories, hospital care, outpatient services, surgeries and home care (Banner Health, n.d). This Arizona based health care recognizes the fact that it ranks among the largest health care providers in the United States. As such, the organization has implemented the necessary measures to ensure that it is able to meet the patients needs in Arizona and beyond. As it has already been mentioned, demand for health care services continues to increase with time because of increasing populations and changing illness patterns. Therefore, Banner Healthcare seeks to address the new developments in the next ten years and beyond.

The wide range of services provided by Banner Healthcare are very important in ensuring that the health care provider can handle the needs of different patients in the next decade. Through the varied services, Banner Healthcare can reach many patients. In fact, Banner Healthcare also operates physician clinics. The ability to take care of a wide range of illnesses is crucial in ensuring that Banner Healthcare manages the projected high number of patients that will come due to the increase in populations. Banner Healthcare has also made efforts to improve its services so that patients can get access to the quality health care services. The health care provider has ensured that the different hospitals it operates are equipped with improved equipment and facilities.

Banner Healthcare has also demonstrated its readiness to address the citizens health care needs by improving its accessibility to patients. Whereas improved health care can go a long way to solve many health issues in the coming decade, this cannot be possible without patients access to the improved health care. Banner Healthcare has resorted to the use of technology to ensure that patients are able to access its services with ease. The health care provider makes information easily available due to the use of technology. Banner Healthcare has high chances of succeeding in this area owing to the fact that technology has been widely embraced. Banner Healthcare has also improved its accessibility to patients by providing affordable services. The health care services provider is more focused on service provision than on making profit. However, it should be noted that the quality of services, provided by Banner Healthcare, have not been compromised by its non-profit making motive.

Banner Healthcare Strategic Plan

Banner Healthcare seeks to address various issues through its strategic plan so that its readiness to provide solutions to patients in the United States is not impaired. One of the issues Banner Healthcare seeks to address through its strategic plan is the growth of the Banner Healthcare network. Banner Healthcare strives to be part of the tremendous growth being registered in the health care industry. The health care provider recognizes the fact that there are competitors, who can prevent the organization from growing. Therefore, Banner Healthcare has laid strategies to improve its services in order to attract and retain a big client base. Some of the areas the health care network seeks to address are the service delivery modes as well as methods of handling patients. To address the two issues, Banner Healthcare plans to use technology as much as possible. The organization also recognizes the fact that society has a significant part to play in the growth of the Banner Healthcare network. Therefore, Banner Healthcare plans to involve the society in various activities, such as the creation and maintenance of a health environment.

The growth, realized in the health care industry, puts a lot of pressure on health care practitioners, with the nurses being among the most affected parties. Banner Healthcare has indicated in its strategic plan the steps that will be taken to address the problem regarding staffing of nurses brought about by the shortage of nurse