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During an economic calamity, the economic slowdown is associated with a decrease in wage rates as well as the private and public fund availability. Such a situation affects student’s educational outcomes including school enrollment, attendance as well as performance. This paper Begins by providing a theoretical framework for grasping how economic crisis situation has an effect on education results which are affected by the parental response to child labor market inclusive of the school quality. Next, this paper reviews the impact of the crises on the outcome of the child’s education. Also, a crisis has an effect on children’s labor whether in the labor market or in a household. According to economic studies, a teen is exposed to the following during an economic meltdown: The decrease in adult earnings makes it difficult for the parents to put up with the educational costs for example tuition, fees, supplies, uniforms, and private tuition. Consequently, educational outcomes are also hampered with as the child may be withdrawn from school. Another effect is that adult income reduction may force the parents to rely on child labor. On the other hand, a child who was already a child laborer may be made to work for a longer time. This augment in child labor working hours goes on to harm the outcome in his or her education as the increased labor drains the child physically as well as emotionally hence a resultant decrease in study hours (Authors University of Pittsburgh. University Center for International Studies, American Political Science Association). Moreover, parents who rely on child labor may reduce the child wage by increasing the working hours which is likely to harm the child in terms of the school results.

A decrease in hourly or daily wages of the parent may compel them to work for longer hours, hence reducing the time that a parent or guardian can allocate to helping their child with their homework, reading, or other education-related activities. Sensing a weaker manual labor market prediction from a school quality decline, parents may possibly pull out their child from learning institutions or become less loyal of their children’s education. The hypothesis also projects that the child can have two effects which are positive during a crisis: a deduction in child wages may cause the child labor to be less striking for. Parents who might make the child to substitute the labor with education thus improving the outcome of education. Parents may also become more encouraging of their children education if the crisis convinces them that the less-educated laborers suffer more as compared to the educated workers. The higher learning institutions have also been hit hard by the economic crises which have enveloped the United States.

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As a result, many institutions are finding alternative ways on which to cut on their running cost so as to keep their schools going. Taking an example of the Arizona State the newly appointed governor Jan Brewer approved a bill meant to take away funds from three institutions found in that state according to reports by an Arizona newspaper. Back in the year 2008, there was an experience of a blanket of hiring freeze that affected almost every Tucson campus department. Also, the University has compiled many academic departments and is even thinking of closing down certain programs for some time. These changes scare many undergraduates from the campus. Many of these students are anxious that the projected changes will have an effect on their ability to finish their education on time. Some of these changes signify that some programs will cease being offered, which could denote staying longer in the colleges in order to finish their education. Many students have expressed their discontent with the looming changes. Before the approval of the changes by the government, students from the three affected universities in the Arizona State held demonstrations on their campuses as well as at the State Capitol. Sadly, their pleas went on deaf ears. They should nevertheless take heart as other students from various institutions are facing the same problems. Unfortunately, when a budget there is a budget cut in education, students endure reason being many needed resources became unattainable. However, the budget cuts rarely, have an effect on athletes’ in institutions.

At Arizona University, they are thinking of closing some of the campus libraries and reducing the operating of the main library. Hence, students are unable to assess valua