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Weijia Gao Biography

Have you ever dreamed of owning a large media empire with business interest in marketing advertising and event planning? Weijia Gao had the opportunity to fulfill that dream. In August 2010 she of opened her media business in Manhattan. This was due to her determination, hard work, ambition and interaction with business people during her career. Weijia Gao was born in 1985 in Xi’ a China to academician parent who was university professors. Weijia grew up in the United State of America. In her early age, Weijia was an actor with where she was involved in the producing ‘Tai Yang Guo Ba’ TV commercial in Beijing China. The TV commercial opened her way to modeling jobs, as a model she was a cover girl for Japan “Modern Time Magazine in 2004. She did a model for China Warehouse website. Weijia showed her talent in singing as she was a guest singer at Arizona State University Chinese New Year Party in 2008. Being a lady she had to encounter a lot of difficulties toward realizing her dreams. She did not let it bring her down or lower her ambition, at the tender age she showed signs of big things to come when she earned the first place in the fifth China Youth Drawing Contest in the fall of 2000, in addition to the above in the year 2006 she was the second highest scorer in the American Mathematical Association of Two Year College annual math contest. In the fall of 2008, she joined Arizona State University where she received School of Business Undergraduate Scholarship. Her interest was solely in business and her parents encouraged to follow her interest. She earned her Undergraduate Degree in Accounting from Arizona State University in August 2009, she further earned her Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix in March 2011. Soon after graduating from the University of Arizona she started working towards her career, she was employed as Accountant at August consulting Services LLC in Arizona she later moved to Saint Mary High school where she was employed as Resources Development Assistant. Her determination and ambition for growth did not stop there. In late 2010 she moved to start her own business venture. Then is where she realized her dream of owning a media business. Today she keeps encourages young ladies to study hard and be ready to face challenges and to work toward achieving their goals. She is a living example of how commitment and ambition and hard work can reward.

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