What is an impeccable economics essay? If you are assigned to create an essay in Economics, the subject you are majoring in, you will be expected to make a firm statement about the matter you are exploring and support it with strong arguments. In case you crave to receive the highest grade in your academic paper, you will need to investigate the subject thoroughly, create a strong thesis statement, and produce a detailed plan highlighting the points you intend to discuss in your economics essay example. A detailed plan/outline plays a great role in producing papers no matter the academic discipline. Nevertheless, when it goes about the writing projects in Economics, a precise outline is crucially important. The point is that such papers are characterized by clarity and accuracy. Each point has to be based on concrete facts and discussed fully. Below, you will find clear guidance as to how to compose an economics essay deserving a top score.

How to Write an Economics Paper: Major Steps to Follow

In order to produce a quality paper in Economics, you should:

  • Realize the importance of economic analysis
  • Understand the specifics of the format
  • Plan each stage of the writing process
  • Start creating your paper
  • Make thorough editing

Structuring an Economics Essay Example

The majority of essays usually include an introduction, main body, and a concluding unit.

Introductory Section

It should perform two major functions:

  1. Provide basic data about the subject to help readers grasp the chief idea of your paper
  2. Explain to readers what methods and techniques you are going to use to examine the topic

Note that it is much easier to give readers a detailed explanation about the steps you intend to take to explore the assigned topic once your essay is written.

Main Body

This part of your piece of writing should consist of a few paragraphs. Their number depends on the word count requirements and the intricacy of the chief statement. Keep in mind that each paragraph should be devoted to one of the points you are going to discuss in your paper.

  • Every paragraph should begin with the sentence illustrating the idea that is going to be discussed. Usually, the key point of the paragraph is expressed in the first sentence. However, it may be also presented in the second one. In order to ensure a smooth flow of information, it is useful to compile a list of the topic sentences which you intend to start each of your paragraphs with. In this way, you will be able to determine whether the main idea of your writing project is developed properly.
  • The idea expressed in a topic sentence should be backed up with the facts provided in the following sentences. Remember that you cannot just make a statement and expect readers to believe you. Since you are not a well-known researcher, your words cannot be taken for granted. Your ideas and hypotheses have to be supported with solid evidence.
  • In order to collect relevant material for the paper, you need to browse authoritative sources only. You are free to use books, websites, scholarly journals, or any other resources. Insert quotes in the text but make sure to write them in your own words. Remember to use in-text citations in case of presenting the statements made by the author of the source you are using (do not forget to indicate a respective source in the bibliography). You may also include your own observations in your essay or share your own experience.
  • In the final sentences of every paragraph, you need to specify why the addressed point is pertinent to the topic you are covering. How does it contribute to the topic development?

Concluding Section

Once you go through the research stage and formulate the chief idea of your essay, you should write a draft of your concluding paragraph before crafting the main body. Being aware of the final point you are going to arrive at, it will be easier for you to prepare your writing project.

Mind that the draft is not the final variant. If you see that your conclusion requires some changes, feel free to introduce them. You may even rewrite your concluding paragraph completely if you believe it does not represent the main points of your project.

Remember that a conclusion is a section that should combine all the ideas highlighted in your writing project. It should not provide any new facts about the explored matter.


The sources you have referred to when preparing your paper in Economics have to be arranged in the list called References, Works, Cited, or Bibliography. The very heading of such a list depends on the kind of a format you are using.

When exploring economics essay topics, your task is to not only collect information but also analyze it thoroughly. You need to synthesize the ideas, notions, and statements made by the authors investigating your topic. Only in this case, you will be able to produce a worthy essay in Economics fully concentrated on a specific issue. Your research should be reflected (if it can be said so) on the reference page. The list of publications you have used for writing your paper will help readers easily find information about specific aspects of your topic.

Interesting Economics Paper Topics

Economics is the science that demands absolute accuracy in everything. The data relating to a particular issue has to be reliable, the calculations have to be precise, and the facts used for describing the matter have to be undeniable. In order to highlight the peculiarities of some economic phenomena or procedures, economists make careful observations for a long period of time. Still, it is not always possible to fully investigate all market segments. Perhaps you will desire to write your essay about one of the subjects that are still explored poorly. Have a look at the themes illustrated below:

  • The role of debt finance and equity in establishing a company.
  • Decision making in Economics: the significance of economic theories.
  • The role of Economics in building society.
  • What measures are taken by the authorities of different countries to equally allocate the resources between the rich and poor? Kinds of research and their role in investigating economic phenomena.
  • The connection between banks and the nation’s welfare.
  • Government securities and their use.
  • Why is it hard to find appropriate solutions to current economic problems that prevent the development of the country?
  • The means of eliminating a country’s fiscal deficit.
  • Specifics of the consumer and wholesale price index. Which of them is more accurate?
  • The impact of a stock market on inflation and deflation.
  • Stock exchange: the function of the primary and secondary market.
  • What changes should be introduced to the bank system to free it from corruption?
  • Well-known economic theories that have been developed within a few past decades.
  • Is it possible to manage a financial organization with