The Emotional Competence Framework Analysis

This is basically an emotional competence framework analysis about my self. I believe am one very competent individual in my job. I would explain this by the fact that where I work I rarely receive complaints that are related to customers complaining about my competence. I believe am well trained to do what I do and to add on that, my profession to me is pretty much like a calling, and very passionate about it and therefore fully qualified and competent enough to tackle problems of any nature in may area of practice. I manage myself in very many ways, first of all I keep time ,this is because of the fact that in most of my activities and duties I always have a time frame within which I must finish my work. My mode of operation allows me to be time conscious .I have always worked with deadlines and I would attribute my ability of effectively managing myself to the time limits and deadlines that characterize my job. Another way through which I mage myself is by having self discipline and respect for other because I also like being respected and treated properly.

When it comes to self –awareness, am one of those people who mind so much about myself. I know my strengths and weakness and that is one of the reasons why I always venture in areas that I can be successful with very minimal efforts. When it comes to matters concerning emotional awareness, I think I have a lot of it. This can be attributed to my upbringing and the close relationship I had with my mother while growing up. This in many ways made be to be very emotional and very sensitive to other people’s emotions. The emotional attachment I have for my close friends relatives and associates is clearly seen in some of the things I do for them for instance the kind of appreciation I give them at times even for the slightest assistance which many people rarely acknowledge under normal circumstances .

I would say am a very self confident individual in the sense that I rarely cower or develop cold feet when faced with difficult or threatening situations always handle my challenges with a lot of confidence be it a challenge at work or generally in life. It is always believed that the only way to do away with fear and develop confidence is to expose yourself to those fearful situations and taking up responsibility especially where everyone else seems to shy off. These are some of the strategies I use to ensure that my confidence is fully developed.

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