Macro Environment Influence On Nokia Corporation


The world we live today has really changed compared with the one that man lived some few decades ago as a result of advancement in science and technology. All facets of life ranging from political, economical and social have all changed completely in one way or the other. The world is changing very fast that man is not in a position to adjust his lifestyle according to the changing ways of life that are being invading through research and innovation day in and day out. With the introduction of internet and computer era in the 21st century has turned the world into a global village where people one part of the world can share information, ideas and opinions with each other by just clicking on the computer. It has also influenced the form of interaction and association among the people to a large extend where people can have access to the aspect cultural diversity which encourages harmony and appreciation. Through the internet it has also boosted the level of trade and commence among the nations in the entire world in the sense that it is now possible to purchase goods and services online without having to incur transport cost (Trevor, 2001).

One of the industries that have been greatly affected with the current introduction of computer and internet is the communication sector that has the mandate to facilitate the process of communication and exchange of ideas among the people. This means the integral role of innovation and invention by man aims at improving his way of living for sustainable economic development. It is in respect to amazing expression of creativity and innovation exhibited through men and women of integrity all over the global that future and current economic prosperity of the entire universe revolve around the communication sector. This great achievement and realization of the vast potential that comes along with introduction of technology advancement can only of fundamental benefit to man if there is another body mandated to nurture and develop the culture of innovativeness to higher level (Trevor, 2001). The mobile and telecommunication sector step in to hold this demanding task after realizing the value and profits that came along with advancement of science and technology.

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