In the modern era of fast-growing technologies, the role of letter writing has become undermined. However, students are from time to time assigned to write letters in high schools, colleges or universities. Therefore, it is no wonder why students frequently seek custom writing agencies and ask professional writers, “Write me a letter, please. Emails have mainly replaced conventional letters, and students face immense challenges when they have to go through the process of letter writing. If you cannot cope with your letter writing assignments, be sure that you can rely on professional letter writing services for help.

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Can I Pay a Professional Writer to Write Me a Letter?

There are numerous reasons why a student may ask someone to write me a letter. One of the reasons why students seek others’ help is because they may simply need a fresh perspective from the outside. Another reason is that students frequently need professional guidance on how to approach letter writing. As well as that, students may need letter writing help when they seek for creative ideas and want to come up with a good topic. Whatever reason you might have, you can definitely rely on our custom writing agency. Our professional letter writers will provide you with premium-quality letters at affordable prices. You can contact us regardless of the assignment complexity. When we provide letter writing help, we can guarantee that the content will be original and written from scratch.


Many students are somewhat ashamed when they are looking for custom writing services since they reckon that all assignments should be completed individually. Actually, there is nothing to be ashamed of; letter writing is definitely more complicated than essay writing or any other types of academic writing. A letter focuses merely on expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, needs, etc. whereas many academic papers deal with research. Another great benefit of getting professional assistance from a personal letter writer is that you will be able to get guidance on how to write letters and will thus be able to use the custom written letters as templates for future tasks. Should you encounter any challenges writing the paper, be sure that it would be a prudent decision to ask our writing experts to write me a letter.

Enjoy Custom Paper Letter Writing from Our Service

The letter writers working at our company are experienced and well qualified. In such a way, we can guarantee that they can cope with any type of paper regardless of deadlines and academic complexity. Moreover, we do guarantee that all letters you order from us will be authentic and plagiarism free since each letter is written from scratch and also checked for plagiarism. You can rely on us with any letter writing assignments: business letters, personal letters, romantic letters, letters of application, letters of recommendation, and many others. Our core aim is to make customers satisfied, so we do everything possible to provide high quality and original writing.

Our company can guarantee excellent quality of writing as we hire only those writers who have solid experience in writing as well as those who have mastered letter writing among other writing types. When hiring job applicants, we make sure that they hold academic degrees, namely, we give preference to those obtaining Masters and Ph.D. Our company administration has ensured a thorough and strict hiring procedure to make sure that the company hires the most talented and experienced writers. When assigning a writer to work on your order, we make sure that the writer matches your academic level and specialty. Only in such a way can we provide the best letters to our customers.

How to Create a Letter Depending on Its Type?

Whether you need to compose a letter for creative, business or some other purposes, be sure that you can rely on our company for help. Our writers cannot merely provide you with a custom written letter but also advise you on how to identify the letter type and thus decide on the structure and organization of content. Mainly, as a part of college or university studies, students will mainly have to deal with a variety of letter types:

  1. Cover letter. This is a type of letter that is mainly attached to the other documents, such as a resume, a CV, and other application documents (for example, when you are enrolling in some position or applying for a job). The core aim of a cover letter is to introduce the author of the cover letter writing to the employer and provide some specific important details that are not typically included in the resume, CV or some other official documents. Normally, cover letters shed more light on what ways exactly the applicant is suitable for the position.
  2. Job application letter. In this letter type, you need to highlight the main reasons why you apply for a specific position in a company as well as a pinpoint to your strengths and contributions you may bring.
  3. Political letter. This letter is normally addressed to politicians or other public figures. When a person writes such a letter, he/ she intends to express support or to file a complaint. Sometimes this letter is written when a person is interested in some information that a political figure can provide.
  4. A letter of recommendation. In this letter type, you need to positively evaluate the abilities, personal qualities, soft and hard skills that a certain person has. Normally, a recommendation letter is written by a professor or academic supervisor at the student’s request when the latter applies for an internship or a job. It can also be written by one’s former employer if a person is in the process of looking for another job.
  5. Business letter. Normally, this kind of correspondence is used when communicating with associates and business persons. The main aim of business letter writing is to establish the proper mode of communication in a business setting. When you are assigned a business letter, be sure that you need to adhere to strict requirements and instructions. The format is rather specific and should be maintained formal.
  6. Friendly letter. When you need to create a letter that is called friendly, you are expected to write a personal message to a particular person with whom you are on friendly terms. Since it is a friendly letter, the structure may be free but the format should be adhered to.
  7. Thank you letter. As can be inferred from the name, this type of letter writing intends to express gratitude to some person or party as well as demonstrate appreciation for what somebody has done.
  8. A personal letter. This is a usual means of correspondence between friends or acquaintances. The writing style is not formal since the letter deals with non-professional matters. You need to take into consideration merely general rules of English.

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