After investing much time into writing your paper, revising it is the last thing you want to do. Undoubtedly the scrupulous reading of the text trying to find out the grammatical mistakes and logical fallacies is always boring. However, let us face it. Proofreading is a particularly important stage of the writing process. If you feel that you cannot do it properly, do not panic and contact our service with the words, “Proofread my college essay.” We guarantee fast and quality proofreading help that will fit your budget.

Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process, which, nevertheless is also very important. Thus, we highly recommend you not to skip this stage. If you want to understand how to proofread a document, we recommend you to follow the suggestions gathered by our skilled proofreaders.

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Before You Start Proofreading Your Paper:

  • Make sure to proofread your paper only after the larger parts of the text are revised. Do not try to make corrections in awkward or irrelevant sentences. If you still need to rewrite or reorganize the sentence, do it first;
  • Set your paper aside for some time (depends on the deadline you have). We recommend you to make some pause between writing your text and its proofreading because it will help you look into your paper with fresh eyes and see your mistakes more easily;
  • Know what to search for. Look into the papers of your classmates or your previous texts and you will see what are the most common mistakes committed by the students. We assure you that by knowing what mistakes should be fixed, you will make your proofreading process easier;
  • Reduce the word count if necessary. If your paper goes over the allowed limit, make sure to shorten it before proofreading. Keep in mind that to bring you the best grade, your paper should include only direct and concise sentences.


When Proofreading, We Recommend You to:

  • Look into the printed version of your paper instead of checking it from the computer screen;
  • Read your text out loud. We assure you that reading your text silently, you will skip many mistakes. However, the suggested strategy will also help you find out the awkward and run-on sentences that could be missed when revising your paper for the first time;
  • When checking your paper on your laptop, you need to turn on the function that would point to the misspelled words and typos. Also, this function will help you make sure that all punctuation marks are in the right places;
  • If you tend to make numerous mistakes, we recommend you to check every group of mistakes separately. For instance, you may read your paper once to check it for the logical flaws, once more for checking the active voice in your paper, then for checking all the pronouns, etc. Moving from the most important mistakes to the less important, you will polish your paper until perfection;
  • End your proofreading with the spelling check. Of course, you may use the automatic checkers like Grammarly. However, try not to rely on them fully because only the manual proofreading will bring you the desired outcome.

Following all these stages can be rather problematic for an average student. Unfortunately, not all students know grammar rules perfectly. As such, they commit their mistakes out of unawareness. Consequently, they will skip these mistakes even when proofreading the papers. Of course, you may ask your friend to help you but there is no guarantee that you will get a good grade for your paper checked by your friend or classmate. If your grade for the paper is very important, it is better to hire a professional writer, who will proofread your paper on different levels so that you could submit an outstanding piece. We guarantee that is the best service to order proofreading help. Without any hesitation, you can contact us and ask, “Proofread my homework” because our writers are aware of all the existing grammar rules and exceptions. We assure you that when you decide to ask us for proofreading assistance, you will make a smart investment in your academic performance.

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The price of our services is the primary concern of our clients. Having so many financial burdens, they cannot allow spending much money on the proofreading services, and we understand that. Following the needs of our customers, we tried to make our pricing policy maximally customer-friendly so that our customers could get high-quality papers at a very affordable cost. Moreover, there are no hidden fees applied and you can be sure that you will not overpay even a dollar from the initial order price. Becoming our returning client, you will also get generous discounts that will help you reduce the price of our services.

Our target audience consists not only from the students but also the academicians, who need professional help with proofreading their articles. Indeed, it is always better to have a skilled assistant, who will proofread your paper before its publishing.

Also, we can proofread the cover letters, application essays, and even resumes. We guarantee that the papers checked and polished by our skilled professionals will bring you the anticipated grades. To proofread your paper on different levels, our writers use different strategies and techniques. One of the tools that are widely used in our work is Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. Using this feature, the writers can accept or reject corrections using alternative words or phrases if they have a better meaning. If you doubt the professionalism of our proofreaders, we can assure you that all of them have a great level of preparation and advanced writing skills. What is more, placing your order at, you can be sure that it will be checked by the writer with the sufficient skills and qualifications in your topic. In other words, paying us for checking your paper, you can be sure that your academic reputation is in the safe hands of our knowledgeable experts, who can efficiently cope with any deadline.

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