One of the most popular academic assignments, an expository essay is the favorite task of an average student since it provides a great platform for developing analytical thoughts. The common types of academic essays are as follows:

  • A persuasive essay;
  • An argumentative essay;
  • An analytical essay;
  • An expository essay.

Regardless of what essay type you need to write; you need to understand that it has a specific structure that should be followed precisely if you want to get a good grade for your paper. In order to understand the nature of an expository essay, one should study the expository essay definition thoroughly. An expository essay is a unique academic task that is characterized by a balanced and logical introduction of facts, strict structure, sound arguments, and solid evidence base supporting these arguments. When writing an expository essay, the student should try to avoid subjective or biased judgments or demonstrating own opinion regarding the topic. As such, the primary goal of any student writing an expository essay is to be objective. If you need to create a good paper, you definitely need to know what is an expository essay, as well as the peculiarities of its structure.

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How to Produce an A+ Expository Essay?

In order to create a great expository essay, you need to select one of the following writing methods:

  • A compare and contrast essay;
  • A definition essay;
  • A cause and effect essay.

Most probably, your professor will indicate the method needed, but having general instructions, you will be able to create a great piece on any topic. If you understand what an expository paper is, you need to learn the essential features of expository writing that will significantly facilitate the process of creating a great paper:


  1. In this essay type, you need to expose the facts only that should be credible and appropriate. Moreover, in such an essay, there is no place for a personal opinion. To put it simply, you are expected to present the relevant sources and build your arguments based on these sources;
  2. You cannot use the first person in such an essay. The best option to present your narration is to use the third person. Keep in mind that it is an academic paper, thus your tone should be formal and your language should be clear and straight-to-the-point;
  3. In addition to the sources, you can use resent statistics, anecdotes, or some charts, as long as they fit your topic. Keep in mind that making your essay engaging and intriguing for your reader, you will definitely reach the desired outcome;
  4. Since each method of expository essay has own peculiarities, you should not mix them up but select one that will help you develop your topic best of all:
  • A cause and effect essay. Such an essay explains how some things lead to others. As such, when analyzing some problem, you need to focus on its causes and explain potential effects;
  • A problem-solution essay. As the name suggests, when creating such an essay, you need to analyze a particular problem and suggest several solutions to its solving;
  • A descriptive essay. Being the most common method of expository writing, it requires from the writer giving a detailed characteristic of the specific topic.
  • A process essay. Such an essay requires describing the steps leading to a particular result.

Pay attention that no matter what method you choose, it should follow a common expository essay format and include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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