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Film Industry in American History

American film industry represents a platform where all historical events within the government and the society are depicted through plays that are acted and digital receding of the plays is done and availed to the public who usually have high demands for the product. The American film industry covers a wide range of topics that range from sports, politics, security, terrorism, agriculture, marital affairs, and technology among others. As developments in these fields take place, the American film industry comes up with methods of creating awareness for the public about the existence of these developments in various fields of the economy. This ensures people are kept updated on the latest developments in any field regardless of their location with respect to where changes take place.

The idea of the development of the American film industry started in the early decades of the 20th century when moving pictures were invented and there was the need to ensure that daily occurrences in the society were relayed to the people in the most suitable way possible. The main focus of early users of the American film industry was to watch cheap thrillers and watchers of films could walk a number of kilometers to reach a town where films were shoed. The evolution of Hollywood was similar to the evolution of any other product in a newly established market.

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Initially, there was less appreciation of the American film industry in comparison with other forms of entertainment that were more appealing to potential customers. The other function of the American film industry is to create a virtual impression of various historical events that take place in America as well as living circumstances that people undergo such as terrorism, the evolution of security systems, and improvements in the design of armament.

In the early 1920s, the American film industry featured stars such as Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, and Rudolf Valentine. During this evolution stage, emotional information was conveyed through exaggerated body motions and facial expressions that showed anger, frustration, horror, and comedy. A number of terms used in the present-day film industry attribute their origin to the early American film industry. These include terminologies such as ‘Flick’, which implies a section of a movie, while ‘Movie’ originates from a bigger word ‘moving picture’. The origin of ‘film’ is a delicate highly combustible cellulose nitrate that was used to produce early films.

Lack of audio resulted in the production of many picture-houses that featured a piano to indicate musical accompaniment. Music used in the early American film industry was generic and provided backgrounds for various situations in a film, such as scenes of love, dramatic fights, and relaxing music that was listened to mainly in the summer days. The latest evolution of the films in the American film industry is the development of the Hollywood sign. This sign has been formulated to distinguish films made in America from those made in other countries.

In addition, the evolution of the American film industry in the 1930s showed films that had certain restrictions such as dress codes for women and restrictions on criminal films, while ladies were not allowed to lift their skirts in the films. A number of film-makers have also come and made films on their own. It has greatly evolved and many entrants into the film-making industry have been observed as a reaction to the increased popularity of Hollywood films. Some of the film-makers that have emerged include Metro-Goldwin-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, RKO radio pictures, and Fox Film Corporation.

Values, Ideas, and Attitudes Expressed in the American Film Industry

There are a number of values and attitudes expressed in the American film industry. This is based on the nature of the film produced and the existing situation at a particular time in history, for instance, most American films produced in the early 20th century were focused on illustrating activities such as inventions in technology, warfare tactics, and orchestra music. This is attributed to the fact that these events were common in the early 20th century. Another important attitude that is presented in American films is the idea of relationships and love. This is presented in a manner that represents the problems that the Americans undergo in their love and relationship lives, thus addressing the need for coexistence in marital life. Another attitude depicted in the American film industry is the existence of current knowledge regarding the use of technology for a number of functions that include warfare, improvement of security systems, and surveillance of high society places in the world with the aim of bringing harmony to the American citizens.

There are also a number of attitudes and values that were depicted in the form of films that were enacted for distribution in various parts of America. For instance, some films were made for the purpose of illustrating depression or war that was experienced by people in some regions of America. The purpose of these films was to create an impression of the negative impact of conflicts and war and advocating for a change of attitudes towards friendly coexistence among the Americans. Another attitude that was created by the American film industry is their readiness to participate in the Second World War and the need to take the war as their own fight. The films were redundantly funny and were focused on boosting the morale of the Allied forces and reminding them that they should be ready to fight a war, which some of them did not consider theirs and did not bother about. Other attitudes illustrated in some American films included training sessions of the U.S. Army. These films were focused on creating the attitude of a better mindset for the world war that was imminent and also created adult cartoons where soldiers could get tips on methods of attacking the enemy.

When television took off in the entertainment industry in the 1950s, a number of restrictions on the American film industry were lifted and it was revealed that the television industry brought a lot of competition to the movie industry, but it was also revealed that the contribution of television was that it changed the way certain Hollywood companies operated and affected kinds of films made. Due to the invention of television, there was a reduced number of people going to the cinemas and there was a considerable reduction in the number of films made lowering to about five hundred a year.

On the other hand, television played a significant role in improving the popularity of some attitudes in the American film industry such as talk shows. These shows also made advertisements of attitudes and values required for certain types of lifestyles such as marital lifestyles. These attitudes were depicted in acted films such as soap operas that were aired on televisions. Thus, the popularity of soap operas improved significantly as a result of the invention of television and the film industry. For people who could not get the time to go to the cinema to watch movies, they obtained copies of films from local vendors and watched them at home. This ensured the stability of the popularity of the American film industry despite the evolution of television.

How Various People Responded to the Evolution of the American Film Industry

The American film industry has contributed to various ways in which people respond to circumstances they experience in their lives. For instance, people in the army have usually watched war films and used tactics used by the people in the films to attack their enemies or defend themselves from their enemies. Another way in which the American film industry has affected the responses of people as the evolution of the film industry continues to take place in love and marital matters. In this case, there are a number of soap operas that have been filmed and can be useful when it comes to dealing with love and domestic problems such as marital issues.

People of various types respond to the American film industry differently. This is based on the kind of films available for the specific genres at a particular time. For instance, while soldiers were more interested in films related to war and the use of arms in defense and attacking the enemies, other people like children, especially female children, are more interested in comic films such as cartoons and adventures in the wild, which has affected the sale of these products. Thus, the film industry has managed to diversify its activities, so that the production of movies such as cartoons can be used by children who are more interested in cartons rather than other types of films.

As the film industry evolves, so does the change in the nature of films for children and other genres continue to change. Thus, it cannot be argued that the films that were liked by young children in the 1950s are the same as the ones liked by children now. This is because there has been a change in taste and preferences as well as a change of attitudes towards the most recent films in the film industry.

Another group of people that have responded to the evolution of the film industry in America is the people from the commercial world. People who market various products of the American film industry have had to update their data and stock of films to suit the latest trends in the film industry. For instance, in the 1940s marketers of film products concentrated on marketing films related to the World War. However, due to the fact that this war will no longer be witnessed any time again, these companies have to look for the latest movies that illustrate the current situation to improve their competence in marketing film products. For instance, retail shops and supermarkets that sell movies have to study existing trends in the popularity of films and to remove outdated films and replace them with the new ones. This is attributed to the fact that in America most consumers would like to get the latest films of a particular nature. Most Americas film shops have opted to use the strategy of stocking the most highly watched televised movies due to the culture of Americans to buy movies that are mostly broadcasted in current TV programs.

The popularity of the American Film Industry among Certain Groups of People

There are certain groups of people who have developed the liking for American films and marketers of these films have been assured of good returns if sales of film products are targeted towards meeting the demands of these groups of people. For example, actors are people who specialize in participating in the events of movies. They would like to know the forms of moves they should make when shooting videos, the forms of communication they should make, the posture they should take when shooting movies, and also the types of clothes they need to wear to appear neat on the screen. By watching American films, they are able to get tips on all these characteristics and develop them to improve their roles in the movies. This increases their professional capability and makes the movie shooting more attractive and highly demanded compared with other forms of movies.

Students are also a group of audience that has developed the liking for American films. For instance, most students like movies that feature famous actors such as Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pit among other important celebrities in the entertainment industry in America. They associate celebrities in the movies with capability. So, students who want to consider them more capable will look for a movie starring one of these characters. They also tend to watch movies because they get bored from every day academic work and need a small break from books to do other tasks, among them watching a movie.

Distributors of film products such as movies are also a group of people who have an interest in the American film industry. For instance, people who own the largest retail shops in the US such as Awl-Mark Supermarket would like to know the most popular movies in the stores and look for other sources of such movies. This ensures that sales of the stocks are highly improved and profitability is highly enhanced due to the film industry.

The general public also consists of potential users of American film products. It includes professionals who work in major offices and get little time for other activities such as entertainment. Thus, when they return to their houses, they tend to look for movies to watch and try to find the best ones that entertain them. Hollywood films have been popular among professionals and the sale of these films to the public has been as high as the sales to other groups of people like students and actors.

Interpretation of the American Film Industry as a Product of Historical Events

There are certain historical events in America that have had a direct impact on the processes of interpreting the American film industry. An example of such an event is the Second World War when various tactics were used by countries to ensure success in the Second World War. This resulted in the development of various movies such as those that gave soldiers tactics of holding guns, shooting, and protecting themselves from being killed.

Another event is the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in the US by terrorists on September 11. When this event took place, various movies were produced to explain the strategy used by the terrorists to attack the World Trade Center. As a result, there were many movies produced and Americans were willing to buy them due to their movie culture. This promoted the movie industry considerably in terms of revenues.

Another event is the increased use of technology such as the internet and computers that have enabled many people to get high-quality technologies such as laptops and iPods on which various movies and films can be watched. Virtually any child in America has access to television, a laptop, or an iPod. The availability of these devices has promoted the growth of the film industry in America and most people have been able to watch most movies shot in the American film studios.

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