Date: Apr 25, 2019
Category: Economics Essay
How to Fix Unemployment

Unemployment is the state of being jobless in spite of being willing to work and have actively looked for a job for more than one month. The rate at which the level of unemployment is escalating in the United States of America is frightening and that calls for immediate action to rectify the situation. There are a number of initiative that can be taken to ease the situation, these may include discouraging the rate at which the citizens import products, encourage businesses to have their operations expanded, taking the initiative of educating all the citizens, stopping illegal immigration, allowing wages to adjust quickly, encouraging the putting up of small businesses and finally limit outsourcing.

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The government and local authorities should discourage the importation of goods. This will be effective in reducing unemployment because by so doing it will have created a high demand on the local products that in turn will call for a high production rate from the local industries thus calling for more workforces and that will have created employment. All this can be achieved by having the government imposing high taxes on imports. Secondly, the government should take into consideration developing a practice of requiring and supporting businesses to improve their operations. This can be achieved through reducing the taxes levied on businesses thus giving them an opportunity to employ more laborers and still make huge profits. Educating the citizens is yet another measure that will enable the citizens to acquire knowledge and develop skills that are necessary to take up various jobs within the economy or become innovative and create investments that in turn create jobs for other members of the society. The government can also have the matter at hand doing away with illegal migrations into the United States of America. This will reduce the completion of jobs that Americans face in trying to secure jobs. In addition, the government should encourage the putting up of small businesses because they create self-employment and as a result considerably reducing cases of unemployment. Last, the government should allow wages to adjust freely so as to accommodate circumstances that can lead to unemployment resulting from a shortage of funds. This can be introduced to the Congress for passing through the Michigan congress representative. Some of the properties that can guarantee its pass is ensuring that it does not have complexions such as modifying other different laws greatly or eve having intentions of criticizing the government. The plan just like any other can be promoted through very many ways .to begin with is the emancipation of masses to support you by demonstrating that it is going to be of a positive impact and by telling them of the impact it will be of getting it passed. The advantages of the whole plan include preventing brain drain as the knowledge of jobless people won’t go out in search of jobs in different states, economic boost to the nation as more resources with be utilized for the economic gain of the state and even a consequent rise in the living standards of the citizens as there will be an income to support them. On the other hand the disadvantages may include a possible amendment on the existing laws that will require some other funds; the decrease in the rate of unemployment will encourage immigration from other countries and for later effects is that it can lead to a high environmental degradation rate that can come as a result of a high number of industries.