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Over the past decades, globalization has gained importance as a factor responsible for the growth of Poland’s economy and other economies across the globe. Poverty is a major problem facing many nations in the 21st century. Globalization has greatly influenced the poverty level, inequalities within and across nations. This paper, therefore, discusses how globalization has affected the poverty rate in Poland and how it has influenced the inequalities across nations and in Poland.

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Poverty in Poland

In Poland globalization has greatly assisted in reducing poverty in several ways. Globalization has assisted Poland to integrate with other economies in the world. The integration of Poland economies with developed nation’s economies such as the United States of America economies and the United Kingdom economy has been greatly enhanced by globalization. Due to globalization, Poland has also enhanced interconnectedness with other developing nations such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The integration has made Poland to easily trade and share with other developed and developing nations. This, therefore, has really assisted in reducing poverty in Poland. The integration has caused Poland economy to grow very first and thus reducing poverty in this economy. Globalization has resulted in increased world trade. For the past years, Poland has enhanced its share of world trade by a great margin due to economic integration. Trade, particularly in Poland, has improved dramatically due to increased demand for manufactured goods that have been brought about by globalization. Poland is currently concentrating in manufacturing and production of textile, chemical, machinery, steel, iron, fertilizers, petrochemicals, electrical machinery, machine tools, electronics, car manufacturing, and shipbuilding. Therefore, due to globalization, the market for these products has greatly increased. The increased market has resulted in a reduction of unemployment in Poland since many people are employed in industries producing these products, thus reducing poverty in the nation. Trade in Poland is dominated by the European Union, that is, about sixty percent of Poland’s imports and eighty percent of its exports come from or goes to member states of the European Union. Germany, Poland’s neighboring country, is the most important partner in trade. The trade between Germany and Poland accounts for a quarter of polish trade’s value. Poland imports mostly energy and capital goods that are usually required for industrial retooling and for manufacturing inputs instead of consumption goods. Its major exports, on the other hand, are cars, furniture, machinery, iron and steel products. Poland is a member of the world trade organization and the European Union. This, therefore, has made it to not only trade with nations in the European Union but also with other nations around the world.

The integration of Poland’s economies with other economies has greatly enhanced the market for trade thus reducing poverty. Globalization has resulted in huge capital inflows in Poland. The capital inflows have resulted in the growth and development of the economy and in the long run, increasing investment further. This therefore enhanced incomes in Poland and thus alleviating poverty. Due to its good opportunities for trade and investment, Poland is currently attracting many investors around the globe to venture in different sectors, thus increasing the capital inflows in the country. The United States and other international companies do business in Poland due to its strong economic development potential, huge domestic market, tariff-free access to European Union and political stability. Globalization has resulted in the exchange of knowledge and technology among different societies in Poland. Direct foreign investment has brought about not only an enlargement of physical capital stock but also technical innovation. This is due to the fact that international organization in Poland has resulted in the spread of ideas and opinions on methods of production, management practices, export and import markets, and economic and international policies. Global warming and globalization of the media have also enhanced awareness of living within an increasingly interconnected globe. Globalization has thus made people in Poland be aware of what