It may come as a surprise to you but many people could be really interested in your persona as well as your dreams, interests, and passions. Therefore, one should be able to narrate and describe the most vivid aspects of your life and experience. Personal essays are part and parcel of high school, college, and university life, so it is essential to know how to write an essay about yourself if you are assigned one. Apart from school settings, you may be asked to write a who am I essay as an employee of some new company. It is natural that people want to learn more about you and find out significant details about your background and life experience. Whether you are a student, a job applicant or a successful employee, you should definitely know how to write an essay about yourself. If you seek for some valuable tips and strategies, you have come to the right place – our company’s professionals have prepared great recommendations on how to write an essay about yourself in the best manner possible.

General Tips on How to Write an Essay about Yourself

There is no universal formula on how to prepare and organize an about me essay – everything depends on the setting where you are going to present your personal essay. Still, there are some rules and principles that are common and that can be applied to any type of personal essays. Check them out below:

  • Adhere to the given structure
    The half success of a properly written personal paper lies in your care following the essay requirements and instructions as well as a generally accepted essay structure. Therefore, when working on the essay organization, make sure that you compose an outline or an extended plan in order to ensure that your essay is coherent, logical, and succinct. The structure should be as clear as possible so that you could explain who you are as well as focus on your qualities, traits, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Select the main essay focus
    Your who am I paper should have a central focus or idea that you intend to convey. Do not try to narrate the whole story of your life in one paper. Rather choose one focus and adhere to some specific aspects, namely the most memorable experience in your life, the experience that influenced you a lot (or that changed your life), your interests, hobbies, and passions, your goals, dreams, and desires, etc.
  • Choose a specific writing style
    If you do not know yet how to start an essay about yourself, make sure you start with choosing a specific writing style so that your paper maintains the same tone. Your piece of writing should be varied, i.e. have different styles of writing, different vocabulary choice, etc.
  • Be objective when writing your all about me essay
    Many people are seduced to paint a vivid picture of themselves and also exaggerate some aspects. Please consider that such an approach to writing will make your essay subjective. Moreover, it will sooner or later be revealed that you have provided false facts. Therefore, do not be overly focused on revealing only the positive side of yourself. All people have weaknesses, so do not be shy about presenting them as well. The goal of who am I essay is to reveal your personal characteristics and experiences, so make sure you are honest in the manner of self-expression.
  • Do not reveal the main intrigue from the beginning
    What makes a piece of writing great and interesting is that you hide some secret or intrigue. So, do not come too fast to its revelation. Provide a self intro essay, where you will mention first and then move on to let in on the secret fact slowly and gradually. Make sure that the fact is well-known by the time you start your conclusion.

Who Am I Essay Examples: How to Write an Introduction

Some time has passed since I began to ask myself a question, “Who am I?” Actually, this is where a person can face a dead end – when it is hard to identify yourself and present a clear picture of what makes you special. It is really difficult to find a more challenging topic for an essay than this. It is much easier to write about some controversial issues, about phenomena that surround you or about some pressing events. Still, it can be hard to provide my personality essay as there comes a need to reveal the things you like and dislike, the things you admire and avoid, as well as something that makes you alarmed, worried or outraged. Overall, the core aspect of how to write an essay about yourself is to be able to objectively characterize your personality.

The Main Body of Describe Yourself Essay

If you wonder how to write an essay about yourself, try asking others of what special they see in you and what they think about you. You may definitely not get a clear and fully objective picture of yourself but you will at least know how to start an essay about yourself and what aspects to focus on. When you gather opinions from other people, be ready that some of them may confuse or surprise you. Still, your best strategy here is to be objective about them and observe them from the distance. When I asked people, what they think about me and how they perceive me, I definitely got a chance to see myself from a new perspective. Many things that people mentioned, I failed to notice. These were particularly my flaws and errors but this phenomenon is natural.

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