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Terms of service

Refund Application

  • Refund application can be submitted by the customer only within a set timeframe: 14 days after the expiration of the order’s deadline. Nevertheless, this rule is not valid for cases connected to plagiarism, as they do not have any timeframes. To prove the presence of plagiarized content in the paper, a customer has to send a valid plagiarism report,which will serve as a basis for issuing a refund.

    * Such websites as Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck are among the credible engines used for plagiarism search. Still, it is important to note that direct quotes (properly formatted), table of contents, questions, as parts of assignment, as well as references are not considered plagiarism. Other unreliable sources, including, for example, SafeAssign.com, cannot be used as plagiarism search engines. They mostly highlight references and direct quotes as plagiarism. In addition, we do not accept handwritten comments regarding plagiarism sent by the customer as a proof of plagiarism.

  • We do not bear responsibility for plagiarism found in a paper provided by a customer, if he/she places continuation orders. Our managers will only analyze plagiarized content found in the parts written by our writers.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the order and send a refund request, our Refund Department will thoroughly study the case and send a response within 3-4 business days. If the request is valid, you will receive a full/partial refund.

Revision Requests

  • According to the policy of our company, free revision option is available for the customers within 2 days (48 hours) from expiration of the deadline. If this period has passed, a customer would have to place a compensation order. The writer may agree to make a free revision of the paper, then, no refunds can be provided for the given order.
  • 30 days revision option is possible if a customer orders long papers (20+ pages).
  • If a customer changes initial instructions, no free revision can be applied. In case some additional materials were provided after the order had been completed or in the process of writing, a customer will be asked to place an additional order.
  • A customer will have to place a new deadline for the order under free revision and send his/her comments. In some cases, revision may take up to 24 hours due to the instructions complexity. Nevertheless, we do everything possible to meet customer’s deadlines.
  • In order to provide timely responses to the letters from the writers and administration, the customers are asked to check their e-mails and personal profiles. Moreover, to avoid misunderstandings, the customers have to provide all necessary and essential materials while placing orders.
  • "Extended Revision" option is now available on our website. It costs only 30% of the total order price but gives the clients a possibility to extend free revision time to 14 days. Still, it does not allow to change original instructions. In case there was no need to ask for revision, the money paid for "Extended Revision" option is not returned.

A Full Refund Case

  • A full refund can be issued if a customer placed the same order twice or was double charged by mistake. To get a refund, a customer will have to contact the Support Team and cancel the duplicated order.
  • If we fail to assign a writer to the order, a customer will receive a full refund.
  • In case a customer receives a 100% refund, he/she cannot use any materials provided by our company for any purposes.

A Partial Refund Case

  • Partial refund can be issued if a customer, while placing the order, indicates a wrong number of pages. Word count specification will be used to calculate the amount of money to be refunded.
  • Refund percentage can be decreased if a customer indicates a wrong writing level (for example, High school instead of University).
  • Contradicting instructions and comments provided by a customer can become a reason for recalculation of the refund percentage.
  • Partial refund for the cancelling of order will be calculated based on the following table:
Refund percentagePassed deadline
100% 10-19%
90% 20-29%
80% 30-39%
70% 40-49%
60% 50-59%
50% 60%+

* If 30% of the deadline is left for order completion by the assigned writer, it cannot be cancelled by a customer. IN addition, if the order has already been completed by a writer, a customer cannot cancel it.

Late Verification

  • Please note that the deadline for an order starts from the moment when a client verifies it. Verification is done to avoid cases of online fraud. Our Financial Department can ask a customer to verify his/her identity for this purpose. Still, if a customer fails to verify the order timely, he/she will have to extend the order’s deadline or place a compensation order, which will be considered a hot order.

Word Count

  • The number of pages ordered is calculated according to the number of words 300 words per page. In orders where the number of words is difficult to calculate (e.g. technical orders), our Writing Department will consider the price of order based on its instructions complexity.
  • Regarding PowerPoint Presentations, speaker notes is a paid service. It can be chosen while placing an order for ppt presentation. The amount of words for speaker notes is 100-150 words for each slide.
  • The number of pages for online tests and multiple choice questions is calculated according to the number of questions (5 questions per 1 page). Consequently, if a test includes 10 questions, a customer will have to place an order for 2 pages.

Deadline and Delivery

  • In case a customer wants to get an ordered paper prior to the deadline, he/she would have to place an additional order, as early delivery has to be compensated. In case a writer delivers a paper earlier without any additional payment, a customer will lose his right for refund applying to the given order.
  • Partial refund for an order can be issued to a customer if a paper was delivered after the set deadline without his/her approval. The amount of the refund will be calculated according to the pricing page available on our website.

Type of Order

  • While placing an order, a customer has to pay close attention to the type of paper he/she chooses. A client cannot choose "Essay" type, if he/she needs “Online Test” to be completed. We cannot issue any refunds if a customer fails to make a respective payment for the ordered services.
  • For "Rewriting" orders, our writers do not do any additional research, do not add or change any sources and do not adjust any information. This type of order involves only paraphrasing of the provided information. For the additional services, compensation order should be placed.
  • We deeply appreciate timely reaction of a customer to messages in the system. For this reason, we encourage our clients to check their profiles and e-mails, in case there are issues that have to be clarified or topics to be approved.

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