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Terms of service

General Agreement

For the purposes of this document, the term “customer” is defined as any individual that accesses the PerfectWritings.com website and that either studies or otherwise reads its content. It also signifies any individual that places an order pertaining to writing services or other documents that may be available. This includes any products or services that are offered on the PerfectWritings.com website.
This document represents an agreement between PerfectWritings.com and the customer. It covers all items in this document and on the PerfectWritings.com website and includes all guidelines, procedures and policies.

Once a customer enters the website at PerfectWritings.com, that person is automatically and immediately bound by all stipulations, requirements, specifications and policies as set forth in this document. The customer is fully responsible for the reading and for the understanding of the Terms and Conditions of this document and any other policies and/or regulations that are posted at PerfectWritings.com.

It is at the digression of PerfectWritings.com that any policies or terms of this agreement may be changed. Although PerfectWritings.com will exhibit notice of any changes, the customer is responsible for reading and understanding said changes. Once posted all changes in policy and terms are automatically coming into force.

Customer Use of the PerfectWritings.com Products and/or Services

By the terms of this agreement, the customer is of the understanding that if any products or services ordered from PerfectWritings.com serves as an example or sample product and is not to be represented as the customer’s original work. PerfectWritings.com neither encourages nor supports academic dishonesty nor plagiarism. PerfectWritings.com products are covered under copyright law and are considered the property of PerfectWritings.com. Misuse will be subject to legal action.


Customers of PerfectWritings.com agree to hold PerfectWritings.com harmless in their use of services or products, and to defend this company in case of any negative or legal actions. Said indemnification includes penalties, court costs and attorney fees and other consequences inherent in the misuse of PerfectWritings.com services or products.

Termination of Use by PerfectWritings.com

PerfectWritings.com reserves the right to terminate the use of its products or services by any customer and for any reason. Should circumstances dictate that PerfectWritings.com is unable to complete a specific order, depending on the amount and type of work already completed, PerfectWritings.com may determine that issuance of a partial or complete refund to the customer is in order. The customer will be notified immediately in these cases.

Notification/Communication between Customer and PerfectWritings.com

PerfectWritings.com uses two different types of notices. General notices appear on the PerfectWritings.com website and apply to all customers. Individual notifications are issued to PerfectWritings.com customers according to the contact information provided to PerfectWritings.com by the customer. Accuracy for this information is the responsibility of the customer.

The customer is responsible for providing all specifications and detailed requirements for all customization of orders placed through PerfectWritings.com. PerfectWritings.com agrees to comply with customer’s instructions with regard to producing the writing ordered Failure to comply on the part of PerfectWritings.com will result in revisions, free of charge. After 48 hours time, all sales are considered final.

Finality of Sale

Once 48 hours have passed, and no revisions or amendments have been requested, all sales are considered final and the customer’s order will be marked as closed.

Complete Terms of Agreement

The agreement terms contained above, and all regulations contained herein, as well as any rules and policies found within the PerfectWritings.com website constitute a complete agreement between PerfectWritings.com and the customer.

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