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Privacy Policy

Our company pays great attention to the privacy of our customers making it a top priority. Every customer who spends time browsing our services is valuable for us. For this reason, we do everything possible to protect personal information of our customer from loss. The information below will help you understand what type of data we collect and for what purposes.

The information we collect on our website includes:

  • Information about clients;
  • Data about website visitors.

Additional information gathered by our website server includes:

  • Exact time of website access;
  • Type of browser used by a user;
  • Operating system used by a user.

As you can see, such information makes it impossible for us to disclose the identity of our customer. It is only used to improve the quality of data provided on our website, their customization and adjusting, as well as for enhancing the general layout. Please note that we never disclose, share, or sell information gathered on our website.


In order to make the navigation on our website easier, we use “Cookies”. This option helps us gather some statistical data, which include the frequency of visits, rate of website usage, etc.

Personal Information

There are also some personal data we collect from customer who use our services:

  • Client’s name;
  • Email address;
  • Telephone number.

These details should be inserted in the process of registration on our website. Nevertheless, this information is only used in cases when some clarifications are needed from a customer to complete the order. Such cases include instances when some essential materials were not provided, etc. For this reason, we ask our clients to provide accurate contact information, which could be used to get necessary clarification and deliver high-quality services. Please also note that personal data of customers can only be processed by our staff members, which is why we never sell, share, disclose, publish or sent them to the third parties.

Online Transactions

With us, your billing information will be protected, as we use only secure payment systems. The representative of our Financial Department can ask clients to verify their identities in order to avoid online fraud.

Rights of Our Clients

In case you need to change, correct or replace any information from your personal profile, you can easily do it by contacting our Support Team with the corresponding request.

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