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The percentage of overweight children in the United States has been growing at an alarming rate. It can partly be attributed to the contemporary lifestyles whereby most children spend more time on computers and video games and less time doing exercises. Childhood obesity has been a major public health concern and has always been the focus of most child health programs. Florida is among the many states with increasing rates of childhood obesity since there have not been consistent policies to address the issue. The paper identifies a Florida-based organization and analyzes the role it should play in shaping the state health policies pertinent to obesity.

The organization that could become involved in addressing the issue of childhood obesity is Florida Department of Health with its headquarters in Tallahassee. The objective of the state agency pertains to helping people enjoy better health and adopt healthy lifestyles. In fact, the Department has successfully tackled the issues of tobacco control, child immunizations as well as other state-wide preparedness response efforts. For this reason, the agency can be effective in addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity in Florida. Besides, the agency also ensures the public health and safety of residents. The involvement of Florida Department of Health is imperative because obesity is becoming a major public health concern and a threat to Americas future. The leading causes of obesity among children are unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity. Obese children are more susceptible to such conditions as high blood pressure, bone problems, and early heart disease among others.

Curbing childhood obesity necessitates for sustained political commitment as well as the collaboration of private and public stakeholders. In this respect, Florida Department of Health can play a major role in mobilizing all the relevant stakeholders and advocating for the instigation of a global strategy on diet. However, such a strategy ought to be targeted towards primary schools because this is where children spend most of their time. Moreover, the school can use its curriculum to inculcate the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Florida Department of Health can also be at the forefront of supporting innovation and encouraging businesses to make their products healthier. Most businesses and manufacturers can achieve this through the reduction of sugar and saturated fat content in their products. Florida Department of Health can also foster environments that can promote healthy lifestyles, especially for children.

One of the strategies to curb obesity presupposes working with the relevant parties to introduce a soft drinks industry levy because most soft drinks exceed the recommended daily intake of sugar norm. Another strategy is advocating for clearer food labeling in order to ensure that individuals purchasing products have clear information pertinent to the food they are buying. Moreover, the methods used to communicate information to families should be more effective. In fact, this strategy encapsulates strategic thinking because it upholds a relevant public health concern. In addition, the strategy involves manufacturers and consumers and can become a proactive approach to accomplishing the objective of addressing childhood obesity.

To conclude, the most feasible option for curbing childhood obesity is prevention. For this reason, tackling childhood obesity requires collective action from all relevant sectors. An example is Florida Department of Health, which can be involved by influencing the policy debate pertinent to the epidemic of childhood obesity. Florida Department of Health can be at the forefront of activists mobilization advocating for healthy diets as well as physical activity. A successful reduction of childhood obesity will ensure that a number of lives are saved and people enjoy healthy lifestyles.

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